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The 007 StageHere's Sean
The Sony Corporation have teamed up with Scottish megastar Sean Connery to establish a film studio in Edinburgh. Funded by Scottish Screen, the deal is worth £100 million, and the target is to make twenty films in the next five years at the new facility. While it’s a project that Connery has always wanted to set up, one can only wonder at Sony’s logic behind the deal. As the company are currently fighting MGM in the American courts over the James Bond rights, could it be that Connery might be making his return to the role that made him world famous if they should win? Connery is actually quite busy at the moment. His own Fountainbridge Films has three pictures on the boil with the Intermedia company. They are Do Not Go Gentle, the period drama The Patriot and the action adventure Mount Weather. Connery himself is set to star in all three movies.

Boogie Nights 2?
Tom Cruise will have an unbilled cameo in Paul Thomas Anderson’s new ensemble drama Magnolia. The Boogie Nights director wrote the part especially for Cruise and is assembling many of the cast from that hit film for his latest feature involving six interwoven stories about families living in California’s San Fernando Valley. Philip Baker Hall, Philip Seymour Hoffman, William H Macy and Julianne Moore are just some of the returning cast anxious to work with the Valley Boy again. New Line Cinema are backing the $30 million look at parental love and loneliness for a start date in January 1999.

Sciorra Enough
Annabella Sciorra was in London recently to promote the upcoming release of What Dreams May Come, so naturally Film Review asked her what else she’s been up to recently. The amusing Annabella said, “I’m in rehearsal for a new movie titled The King of the Jungle and I’m about to start working with director Abel Ferrara again with whom I made The Addiction and The Funeral.. It’s titled A Christmas Story – not because it’s about the holiday season at all, but because we figured that Abel’s name being linked in the same sentence with Christmas would raise more than a few quizzical and interested eyebrows.”

Soderbergh’s Heavy Traffik
The early ’90s British mini-series Traffik, which featured an early role for Julia Ormond as a teenage drug-addict, is to be brought to the screen by director Steven Soderbergh, currently the name on everybody’s lips thanks to the wonderful Out of Sight. The brilliant TV drama was set in Pakistan, Germany and London and centred around the disparate characters whose lives are changed by drugs – manufacturers, smugglers, users and cops. “Traffik gave an Upstairs Downstairs look at the business and politics of drug trafficking. I wasn’t interested in doing a movie about the addiction part of the drug business, but rather the business of how drugs are moved”, explained Soderbergh.

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