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Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man

Before filming began on the new Spider-Man movie, director Sam Raimi and his cast met with the press in Los Angeles. And Starburst was there...

Now, with Raimi's shoot about halfway done, the film's official website has been launched.

Press Conference report by David Richardson from Starburst #271


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Sticking closely to the comic book story, Raimi's Spider-Man follows the fortunes of Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire), an orphaned New Yorker who lives with his aunt and uncle. Bitten by a genetically altered spider, Peter discovers he possesses unusual powers: greater strength and agility, plus an ESP-like ‘spider-sense’. Initially planning to use this power for commercial gain, Peter has a change of heart after a family tragedy, and vows to fight criminals – like the insane Green Goblin...

Spider-Man began its four-month shoot in January 2001, for a planned theatrical release of May 3 2002. As fans wait with bated breath, it’s X-Men syndrome all over again. But Bryan Singer did not disappoint with his summer 2000 hit, and likewise Raimi intends to deliver a movie that will appeal to both enthusiasts and mainstream audiences alike. Here are some of the things he and his cast said in January...

“We’ve decided to get back to the classical look of the red and blue Spiderman. Jim [Acheson, the Oscar-winning costume designer] has decided to update, to bring [the outfit] into the year 2002. What we were really after was to give Tobey an outfit where he could display maximum flexibility by his physical prowess.”
Sam Raimi

Superman was a great job at the time, but audiences become... more adept at determining what is real and what is an illusion. I believe that you will be hard pressed to tell the pieces where we’ve helped reality a little bit.”
Effects maestro John Dykstra

“I’m very excited. I’ve done all kinds of training for flexibility and for acrobatic grace and I enjoy it thoroughly. This has been a long time coming, I’ve been cast since July [2000], and I can’t wait to get in the middle of it.”
Tobey Maguire

“I think of my role in this movie as Norman Osborn first and the Green Goblin grows out of an aspect of him...”
Willem Dafoe

Update: March 23 2001
State-of-the-art Spider-Man website now online!

Coinciding with the 38th anniversary of the web-slinging superhero's first appearance in his very own comic book, Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment have unveiled an official site with "a wide-screen format and a cinematic feel", aiming to persuade us that "the experience begins on the web."

We're bracing ourselves for a whole year of internet crossover jokes with this film, but in the meantime, among the things you can enjoy from day one online at the site are:

  • a feature interview with Sam Raimi, introducing the production.
  • see early sketches of the costume and watch an interview with its designer James Acheson.
  • View 360-degree images from the set, all the film's official press releases, and frequent updates from the set.
  • Plus video clips comprising the entire Press Conference (see above) held on a Spider-Man soundstage at Sony Studios on January 4!

It's a great-looking site, but you will need the latest Shockwave, Flash and Real or Media Player plug-ins to enjoy it in full...

Website report by Mark Wyman for www.visimag.com

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