The 7th Annual Screen
Actors Guild Awards®

Photo-Report by Judy Sloane
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Tom HanksAllison Janney

On March 11, a cold and cloudy evening in
Los Angeles, the Screen Actors Guild honored their own (from the year's best television and films) in an award ceremony that has become as important to performers as the Oscars and the Golden Globes.

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Fans standing in the bleachers outside the Shrine Auditorium, gave their biggest ovation to Robert Downey Jr., who was nominated for Best Performance in a Comedy Series for his role on TV's Ally McBeal. The actor, who has been battling with substance abuse, seemed surprised and touched by the unmistakable support from the crowd.

Robert Downey Jr.

Despite an ongoing kidnap threat, Russell Crowe, nominated for Best Actor in a Motion Picture for his role as Maximus in Gladiator, seemed at ease as he moved down the red carpet, chatting and laughing with the crowd in the stands, and even taking a phone call from a fan.

Fellow Gladiator star Joaquin Phoenix, nominated for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role as Commodus, was also in attendance - but their $185 million blockbuster (and that's just from the US box-office) was to end the evening empty-handed.

Russell Crowe
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