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...sitting in a tree, it's K-PAX's star Spacey

STARS: Kevin Spacey Jeff Bridges
Mary McCormack • Alfre Woodard
DIRECTOR: Iain Softley

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Film Bytes By Judy Sloane
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SPACEY on whether he believes in aliens: (laughs)
"Believe me, I've often thought I was working with an alien! While we were shooting, galaxies were being discovered. Personally, I like to believe that there's intelligent life. I don't know what form it takes, I don't believe it's little green men, but I do think we can't possibly be the only beings in the universe that can communicate and can procreate."
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"One of the most wonderful things about working with experienced actors like Kevin and Jeff is that they know how to use a director, they know what a director is for, and they are very generous, open and collaborative. With Jeff and Kevin you are always going to get an amazing performance, what they are interested in is whether it's pitched right for the story."
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"What I liked so much about Prot is he just accepts people as they are, as human beings. He's curious about them, he doesn't look at them as statistics or patients or maladies, they're just who they are. And he asks very logical questions. Sometimes the person asking the most logical questions is the person that we're calling insane."
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BRIDGES on Powell's obsession with Prot, thinking he might be an alien:
"What's fascinating is he really resists his obsession, because he's a scientist. One of the themes of the film is about belief systems, and how assumptions can trap us into ways that don't allow us to be in the moment, and to really experience the wonder that life really is. My character intellectually knows this and is drawn towards being an open person, but there's something else within his personality that won't accept it. It's a interesting dilemma."
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SPACEY on eating an entire banana, including the skin, in one scene:
"When it came to do the scene, they had made fake bananas for me, and they looked like gigantic yellow felt markers. I said, 'Just go get me some ripe bananas and wash them as much as you can.' So I ate them. It was a potassium high unlike I have ever known. Jeff just kept looking at me going, 'I can't believe you're doing this!' I said, 'I can't either!'"
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"One of the fun things about the movie is that two people who have seen the same thing will have completely different interpretations of what they saw. If the movie is a success, and enough people see it, there are two sequels to the book that Gene Brewer has written, and I would love to do a sequel."
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"With everything that's happened in our lives in the last month, this movie is more profound to me than it was a year ago in a lot of ways. When I think about K-PAX, the way it's described... it's a pretty utopian and incredible place, where people have the capacity to heal each other and people are there for each other."
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