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From Hell

From Hell - Depp walks the London streets

STARS: Johnny Depp
Heather Graham • Ian Holm
DIRECTORS: The Hughes Brothers
(Albert and Allen Hughes)

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Film Bytes By Judy Sloane
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JOHNNY DEPP on the recreation of 1880's London in Prague:
"It was unbelievable. The brothers had been explaining to me that they had built Whitechapel, but I had no idea what I was actually going to step into. I figured there were going to be facades, but there were seven blocks of the east end of London. You literally felt like you'd stepped back in time. There was only London around you."
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ALBERT HUGHES on working with Ian Holm, who plays Sir William Gull:
"He's real shy and funny. You wouldn't notice him on the set, but when we would see dailies we could see that this little tiny guy was powerful. So we learned a lot about great acting through the diversity he used in every take."
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"Ian didn't know this, but we nicknamed him Mighty Mouse. When he came on the set, we'd go (singing the Mighty Mouse theme under his breath) 'Here I come to save the day!'"
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"I experimented early on with which accent to use for Abberline, because the real Abberline was from Dorset which is West Country and it's a very specific accent, and really a strange accent in a way. Basically, had I done the Dorset accent, I think people would have thought that I was doing a really bad English accent. So I went with the idea of using a south London accent which would say more about Abberline, and show that he was in fact from the streets, working class, and not from a privileged background."
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"The challenge and attraction for us was taking a well-known mystery rich with legend and using our imagination to give it added dimension."
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"What's the fascination with Jack the Ripper? The Ripper case, from all that I can tell, was the first time that a faceless murderer was elevated to the status of an icon and celebrity. That's why that one line in the film is so resonant, when the Ripper says, 'One day men will look back and say that I gave birth to the 20th century.' The Ripper case, in fact, did give birth to the 20th century in a lot of ways."
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