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The Musketeer

Roth and Chambers (or their doubles?) duelling

STARS: Justin Chambers
Tim RothMena Suvari
DIRECTOR: Peter Hyams

The combination of Alexander Dumas' classic tale The Three Musketeers with Hong Kong-style action as choreographed by Xin-Xin Xiong. Nearly-newcomer Justin Chambers stars as D’Artagnan, a dashing swordsman whose brave but foolhardy nature brings him into conflict with powerful forces in 17th century Paris.

U.S. RELEASE DATE: September 7, 2001:
No. 1 at the Box-Office in opening weekend!

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The Musketeer's director Peter HyamsPETER HYAMS:
"I began to look at all the Hong Kong movies and found them to be amazingly theatrical and quite exciting, and almost anti-realistic. I've seen a lot of swashbuckling movies, which I found to be historically accurate, and not always that exciting. I thought I could take both and put them together - this is not a Hong Kong movie, this is not your father's Musketeer movie. I thought that we could come up with something that nobody had ever seen before."
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"I never watched the other versions of The Three Musketeers because I didn't want to go with any preconceived ideas. But I read the Dumas book, as this story is loosely based on that. You've got D'Artagnan and the three other musketeers, but it's a new way of telling the classic tale, and that's what makes this so interesting."
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"I was not surprised when they came to me (to choreograph the fight scenes) because people are people, whether they are from the West or the East, and when you have a sword in your hand you fight and kill your enemy. For many years I've been choreographing action scenes, and I always wanted to put my ideas into American movies and maybe do something new - a breath of fresh air."
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TIM ROTH (Febre):
"What Xin-Xin and his group do is incredible. We would do a bit of the fight and step away and let them do their stuff. I mean, with the fight on the ladders - you wouldn't get me up there, no chance! These guys are acrobats and martial arts experts and they're really sure-footed. That stuff was truly dangerous. So they had a prosthetic of my face on one of the stunt men."
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MENA SUVARI (Francesca):
"I just loved being a part of a period film, which I'd never done before. When I put on the costume, I felt like the character in that time. The women are really strong in this film which I loved, so Francesca is not just the pretty face, she's got an attitude and she doesn't take too much, which I really liked because it's very different from a lot of period films that you see."
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