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The Musketeer

The Musketeer - Mena Suvari and Justin Chambers

STARS: Justin Chambers
Tim RothMena Suvari
DIRECTOR: Peter Hyams

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Film Bytes By Judy Sloane
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"When Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon came out I was frightened. Then I saw the movie, which I swooned at, and went, 'No, it's okay. This is different.' When the actress in it did the unbelievable spin going up, they're not trying to say that this is really happening. In The Musketeer, I was trying to take you right to the point where you'd still think it's real, but I pushed it as far as it could go."
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"I worked with a speech coach before I went to Europe to make the film. They didn't want a specific accent, but to evoke an 'old Hollywood' accent and the way they spoke, pronouncing their vowels. Then when we were over in Europe, Peter Hyams said, 'Don't worry about your accent, just act and feel the character!'"
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"When I was choreographing the action, I didn't take the costumes into consideration. The wardrobe people were always coming to me to say, 'Can we help you by changing something?' I'd say, 'You don't have to, I can figure out how to make my movements.' I didn't want to change the look of the movie, just put my action into it. Sometimes we had trouble wiring the actors for safety and protection. So they would give me some scissors, and I would cut a hole in the costumes."
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"The high wire work was fun. I was in a harness and there was one scene where I was 150 feet up the side of the tower, and there were four guys at ground level, and they were holding that end of a wire. They had to let me fall and then make sure I stopped before I hit the ground, or I'd become a pancake, so I was putting all my trust in them."
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ROTH - On doing the fight scenes with an eye patch:
"It was awful. I had some holes put in it so I could see, but when we were doing the sword play it was very dangerous, because you lose your depth perception, and at one point I went to parry a thrust and the sword went right up into my hand because I got there too early. You think it's coming at you, but it has not arrived yet, because you're only looking at it through one eye."
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"Physically the hardest scene to shoot was being on top of the stagecoach as it was being chased. Just trying to stay up there, while having a sword fight with this 300 pound bad guy was very difficult."
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"The only unpardonable sin you can commit in making films is to be conservative. There's no excuse to not try and make something beautiful. The camera is not a recording device."
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