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Jeepers Creepers

Justin Long in Jeepers Creepers

STARS: Gina PhilipsJustin Long

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Film Bytes By Steve Gidlow and Judy Sloane • Page 2 of 2 • << PAGE 1
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"(Justin and I) tried to keep away from the creature (between scenes). We both felt that if we were suppose to be terrified of this thing then we shouldn't see him getting into prosthetics every day, because we wouldn't be (scared) and then the movie wouldn't work."
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"What I love most about this story is that the Creeper is never completely explained. I think that in the best horror movies, the evil thing or the bad guy is always mysterious and never really explained. We learn certain things about him, but it's ultimately just this evil entity. We talk a lot about the nature of evil and whether evil exists, and if it does, this would be the personification of it. There's a lot of evil and I think people are capable of doing evil things, but I don't believe that humans are inherently evil. This thing is."
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"I have been blessed when it comes to the directors that I have worked with recently, and Victor was a pleasure for many reasons. He's not a yeller, and he looks at the whole process as a collaborative effort. We had almost a week of rehearsals, which is rare. Trish was great on paper, but what she emerged as in the end was Victor being confident enough as a director to let me have some freedom with her. He just has no ego. He cares about the project and what is best for it, so he listened to every idea I had and used a lot of them in the movie. I just give him so much credit for putting Trish on the page and then totally letting go of her to me and, because of that, she's a lot stronger for it."
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"Horror movies are visceral. They're about affecting your conscious and your subconscious. I didn't want the characters to be Hollywood clichés. I wanted their lives to be bumpy and crappy like all our lives, so we get into the reality of it. Then we have this big force come in and up the stakes."
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