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The Spirits Within
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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Final Fantasy

Voice actors:
Ming-NaAlec Baldwin
Peri Gilpin James Woods
Christopher LeeJun Aida
DIRECTOR: Hironobu Sakaguchi

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"What is life … and death? In Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, the stage is Earth in the future, where science has analyzed life and death, with life expressed as a form of energy. There we face death as we part with our loved ones. We begin to question what 'life' and 'love' is, as well as the philosophical definition of the 'heart.' In order to express these subjects we took a different approach in depicting 'life,' using a virtual platform."
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"This project is all about real human beings, and they look so real that I feel like I've given birth with my voice to a character, and the animators have drawn this real human being. It's a little eerie and surreal."
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"It's a very spiritual story, a very emotional story. It's about how we're all part of a whole, and I think that very much in keeping with Sakaguchi's philosophy, and it's really a strong part of the success of the Final Fantasy game series."
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"Every sequel of the Final Fantasy series has different characters, different backgrounds, different story settings, and that's one of the keys that our fans are so interested in playing our games. They expect that from the movie, that it will be a different story. But the underlying themes of life, spirit and love - the basic message that Sakaguchi puts into everyone of his Final Fantasy sequels is there in the feature film."
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"Jane is completely computer generated, but there's something very 3-dimensional about her. It's like she has a heart and a soul. These characters really have quirks and personalities, needs and goals. I think people will be fascinated with the way this looks. You just cannot take your eyes off of it. It's mesmerizing."
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"When they showed me footage of what they were doing I was just blown away by the style. You tend to think of something technical as being devoid of style, but there's a great style to this. I'd never seen anything like it before in my life."
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"This is a chance to tell a great human story with a completely different medium. Only Sakaguchi would have the vision to take what he had learned in gaming, and apply it to the motion picture process. So while this is a wonderful new kind of moviemaking, it doesn't forget that the audience has to be engaged by the characters in the story."
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