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The Spirits Within
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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Final Fantasy - Dr Aki Ross (Ming-Na)

Voice actors:
Ming-NaAlec Baldwin
Peri Gilpin • James Woods
Christopher Lee, Jun Aida
Hironobu Sakaguchi

Based on the phenomenally successful series of videogames by the same name, Final Fantasy presents a milestone in motion picture history - featuring a cast of virtual performers so real that at times you'll forget you're watching totally CG 'actors.'

The story is set on earth in 2065, thirty-seven years after a devastating meteor crash, which unleashed millions of phantom creatures that roam the planet literally sucking the spirit out of peoples' bodies.

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"Our story is about a brilliant and very beautiful scientist named Dr. Aki Ross, who is leading the fight to defeat the aliens and unlock their secret. She's aided by Capt Gray Edwards, and they are opposed by General Hein, who represents another faction of the military, and has a very different view of how to deal with the aliens."
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Final Fantasy - Aki in actionMING-NA: (Dr. Aki Ross)
"Aki is first and foremost a scientist and a true humanitarian. Earth has been under attack, and she wants to find a way to save humanity. And that brings about all the issues of all the characters that I love playing; she's courageous, she's brave, she's focused and she is trying to save the world."
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"It has long been the CG Artist's dream to create a superior computer generated human character so real, that a distinction cannot be made between its CG images and that of a live action film. As we have successfully simulated human emotions and movements through computer graphic animation, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within will set the viewer on an exciting voyage of personal discovery."
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ALEC BALDWIN (Capt. Gray Edwards):
"The good news is I don't have to look like Gray. (he laughs) They computer generated Gray, and they made him perfect in every way that I'm not perfect!"
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JAMES WOODS (General Hein):
"I was thrilled with the idea of making a film where people were being digitally created. I thought, 'This is the equivalent of the first talkie, in a way.' It's the first time you'll see people acting on the screen who have been completely generated in the minds of their creators."
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"I think if we didn't have a good story to go with our animation, we really wouldn't have a movie that we could be proud of, or expect to do well. Hollywood is littered with bad videogame movies. But there have been some that have been successful, and there are some that are really games in themselves - The Matrix is really a game if you look at it. You go on different levels, you have to fight, you go in and out of different realities. Those are all the hallmarks of gaming."
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