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Big Trouble

Tim AllenRene Russo
Stanley TucciJohnny Knoxville
Dennis FarinaPatrick Warburton
DIRECTOR: Barry Sonnenfeld

Postponed from last fall for obvious reasons, this ensemble comedy revolving around a bomb and a plane is played out by a diverse group of characters including two hit men, a divorced dad, an unhappy housewife, a pair of street thugs, two FBI men and a psychedelic toad.

U.S. RELEASE: April 5, Nationwide • Rated: PG-13

Big Trouble: Warburton, Allen and Ben Foster can't get to the phone right now...

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"When 9/11 happened I knew the film wouldn't come out for awhile. But our movie was always about couples, not about terrorism: I knew we'd come out eventually."
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"(Barry and I) have the same sensibilities, comedy-wise. That's sometimes the way I relate to people when I first meet them, and from minute one, we got along. He's really very good at taking these separate people whose lives crisscross at one point and have it all make sense and be very funny. He weaves the plot together very well."
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Big Trouble: Rene RussoRENE RUSSO:
"(Barry told me) 'You'll get to have big breasts and wear pedal pushers.' That's how he got me to do the movie. The blonde hair was my idea. But I knew Barry would put his magic on it. He knows how to rein us all in, and then give us space, and that's not easy to do."
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PATRICK WARBURTON on his nude scene:
"It was my first nude scene. The only thing I can really equate it to would be preparing to do a fire walk. I'd say to myself, 'Okay, I'm going to run through the airport naked with all these people watching; it's going to feel unnatural, but I've got to do it because it's my job, I'm committed.' I did the take 10 to 15 times. It was quite an experience."
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"The hardest thing about the film, which I thought would be the easiest, was having an ensemble cast. I thought if no one actually thought that they were the lead, no one could be a prima donna. And it turns out because nobody thought they were the lead, everyone needed more attention – because they didn't even have the joy of being the lead!"
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Big Trouble: Stanley Tucci, and toadSTANLEY TUCCI:
"If you get the right group of people, you establish this wonderful trust with each other, and particularly in a comedy, you can go quite far and still be sort of safe. I think it's also enormously satisfying for the audience."
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"Barry's big note to us when we were acting was, 'That was great, but do it faster.' This movie is frantic and Barry kept that level going through the whole film, because to have a movie like this uneven in spots would throw the whole thing off."
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"I believe in actors talking really fast, because if they talk fast enough it doesn't give them any time to act. The truth is, except for Get Shorty, I've not directed a movie longer than 90 minutes. If you look at any screwball comedy, no one is listening to anyone talk, they're stepping on each other's lines. I just hate the pace of most movies. Comedies are deadly that way."
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"In Big Trouble I play a dimwitted vagrant. In Men in Black 2, I play a two-headed alien dimwitted vagrant!"
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"I've always felt that the best way to do a comedy is without comedians. I wanted the movie to be populated mainly by people that you would not necessarily equate with a comedy but are just really good actors."
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