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The Mummy Returns

The Mummy Returns: Evelyn and Anck-Sunamun fighting

STARS: Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, Arnold Vosloo, John Hannah
WRITER/DIRECTOR: Stephen Sommers

A forthcoming feature from Starburst's Summer Blockbusters 2001 by Judy Sloane

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FRASER on Freddie Boath, playing Rick and Evelyn's eight-year-old son:
"He is a great kid and so funny. He knew everything about The Mummy - his mother told me honestly he must have seen it at least thirty or forty times. Kids these days! He was quick to remind us about any nuance we may have overlooked. He gave the script supervisor a run for her job. He really threw himself into the work by buying into the reality of the situation. I had a wonderful time reliving my kid-dom with Freddie."

HANNAH on dealing with green screens and effects that aren't there:
"It was fine because I've been at the RSC, so I've worked with a lot of actors who aren't really there with you! Why do you think Patrick Stewart is so good? He spent years at the RSC. After that, green screens are a breeze."

HANNAH on the movie's bus chase sequence:
"I learned to drive the bus, that was excellent. There's a scene on Tower Bridge where the car is coming toward me with the stunt guy, and I was supposed to go one way and they would go the other. I thought, 'I don't care, I'm in a bus - I'm not getting hurt!"

Arnold Vosloo as Imhotep. Fight!VOSLOO on his fight with Brendan Fraser
"I would rehearse with the stunt guys with a fairly light stick, and we'd get on the set and they'd hand me the real weapon, and I swear to God it must have weighed 50 pounds. So whereas before I would do all this stuff really fast, suddenly now it was like molasses. Brendon is a big guy and he's very strong, and because my wardrobe is non-existent I couldn't wear elbow or knee pads, so I was always battered and bruised."

"None of the actors nor myself wanted to do a sequel unless it was going to be better. These movies take so much out of Brendan and Rachel. Brendan will tell you that by the time he finished this movie, I'd blown out his knee, broke one of his ribs and threw a disk out in his back. He could barely walk off the stage by the last couple of days."

"It's a period film with a really good mixture of horror, visual effects, comedy and romance. All these different genres came together brilliantly."

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