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Hart's War

Bruce WillisColin Farrell with:
Terrence Howard, Cole Hauser, Linus Roache
DIRECTOR: Gregory Hoblit

Hart's War: Bruce Willis as Col. McNamara

In this World War II drama, Col. William McNamara (Bruce Willis) commands his fellow inmates at a German POW camp, always waiting for the moment to strike back at the enemy. When a murder occurs in the camp, McNamara sets an escape plan in motion, with the unwitting help of Lt. Tommy Hart (Colin Farrell), using a Court Martial to keep the German guards distracted.

U.K. RELEASE: April 26 • Rated: 15

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GREGORY HOBLIT: (Director - credits include Frequency, Primal Fear):
"The box office and the reviews are well out of my hands, but if the guys from the National Association of World War II POWs are happy with what we've done, then I'll be okay."
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Hart's War: Colin Farrell and Bruce WillisCOLIN FARRELL:
"The project came to me because Edward Norton, who had worked with Greg on Primal Fear, was supposed to do it but it didn't work out. I read the script and really liked it. I thought it was a nice honest piece of writing with really well-defined characters, and I was very surprised to get an offer."
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"Colin really had the hardest job in this film, because he's not like that guy. Colin is a sweet kid, but he's also a tough guy, and this role calls for a little different set of muscles than being a tough guy. There's a restraint in his performance and I think he did a really great job with it."
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Hoblit and Farrell on location in PragueHOBLIT on Farrell:
"There's a warmth and spontaneity to Colin that is endlessly charming, and he was perfect for the role because he really was young. Edward [Norton] is over 30 years old; Colin was 24 years old [when the shoot began]. Colin in much more age appropriate, he's still a boy; Edward's a man. It would have been harder to get Edward to feel like some wet-behind-the-ears innocent. It wasn't hard to do with Colin."
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FARRELL on being attacked by robbers during the shooting of the film:
"One guy got me in the head, but I got the better of him and I ran home. I did get a bottle stuck in my arm. They didn't get any money, not a penny. I think he was more drunk than I was; it was the clumsiest attempt at a robbery I've ever heard of in my life."
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HOBLIT on the location's resonance:
"It was weird shooting at Barrandov Studios [in Prague], which was where Hitler made his propaganda films. The whole studio is an exact design of a studio in Berlin, and to walk through those hallways and stand on those soundstages, knowing he'd walked those hallways and been in those rooms was peculiar for everybody."
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WILLIS on Hoblit:
"Greg is my favorite kind of director. He's a great storyteller. Films that have courtroom scenes in them can be very dangerous, because it's really difficult to make them move the film along, and I think Greg is a master at that. He likes layers, which I like also; he likes having characters have secrets and he tries to keep them from the audience. That's how this film works. It's a suspense drama set in a prisoner-of-war camp."
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