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The Mothman Prophecies

Richard Gere
Laura Linney
Will Patton
DIRECTOR: Mark Pellington

The Mothman Prophecies: Laura Linney investigates

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Film Bytes By Judy Sloane
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LINNEY on filming her underwater sequences:
"Those two days in the tank almost killed me. It was really hard and frightening for me. It was night, so I was filming in a car twenty feet under dark water. It was a great experience, but it was hard and I was scared."
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PELLINGTON on shooting the collapse of the Silver Bridge:Director Mark Pellington on set
"It was a very elaborate process deciding how to balance art and commerce. My imagination would say, 'I want this to happen,' and the budget would say, 'You can have a third of that!' I wanted to make the bridge feel aggressive: I let the sound and camera do a lot of the work. There are a lot of technical mistakes in that sequence - shots where the camera rolls go out - that I purposely put in because when I tried to play it too straight it was boring."
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"I went to Point Pleasant and hung out there and went to where the sightings took place. It seems like there is something very strange in the earth out there, pulsating. And the people are all very good and straightforward - they just happen to be in this odd place where these tragic and very spooky events took place."
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"When Richard and I finished Primal Fear I was always hoping that we'd get to work with each other again, but that doesn't happen very often in films. I was really thrilled when they asked me to come onboard with this one. Richard has been extremely supportive and I always know that if I'm ever in trouble, if I called Richard he'd be right there. I hope everyone has a friend like that."
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"This story we're telling is really psychological. My character has gone through a horrendous loss, losing his wife in the beginning of the movie. Everything that happens for him relates to that event, that trauma. So we have our own universe being projected in time. I think one point we're trying to make in the film is everyone sees something different. Some people hear something; some people see something; and some people feel something. It's the interpretation of reality based on one's mental make-up, one's emotional make-up."
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