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The Royal Tenenbaums

Gene HackmanAnjelica Huston
Ben StillerOwen Wilson • Gwyneth Paltrow • Danny Glover • Luke Wilson
DIRECTOR: Wes Anderson
WRITERS: Wes Anderson & Owen Wilson

Stiller, Glover, Paltrow and Huston at the Tenenbaum table

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Film Bytes By Judy Sloane
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"Wes knows exactly what he wants and that's a great trait in a director. He's very much the author of his film, and so from the inception of the script all the way down, he's involved minutely in how the film should look. He doesn't comment that much on performances, but I think that's because he's made such a perfect framework for what he wants, that you intrinsically understand what it is that he's going for."
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"For me the most daunting aspect about working on this movie was working with Gene Hackman, because he's definitely one of my favorite actors, and he has a very imposing presence. He was really kind, soft-spoken, shy and very serious. What I came away with was what a good actor he is and what a strong personality he has in terms of what comes through on film."
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Hackman takes the wheel as Royal TenenbaumGENE HACKMAN on his first meeting with Ben Stiller, who told him he loved The Poseidon Adventure:
(he laughs) "I suppose Ben saw that film when he was a mere child. I meet younger actors now who may have seen me in things when they were quite young. It's a funny experience to want to be treated as a fellow actor, and yet people look at you as this person who has been around for a thousand years. It's uncomfortable at times."
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DANNY GLOVER on his character, Henry Sherman:
"Henry is dependable. In many ways, he's the antithesis of Royal. He offers comfort and stability. (He) is not a man into self-promotion. So when he finally asks Etheline to marry him, even though it's something he's thought about a thousand times, it's something that just slips out, and he's immediately over his head. And he sees all these reasons why she shouldn't marry him: they make great bridge partners, it would be better for tax purposes to be single … he can't even say why it would be better to be married to him."
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"What the story says is that even though everyone goes through hell with their family, as corny as it sounds, family members are still the ones you have to be close to, and really the only ones who will understand what you're going through. We don't balk at showing some of the rough stuff families endure, but we show in the end that it's worth it."
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"I think Wes makes very serious movies under the guise of comedy. And this movie I think is as much about disenfranchisement and the disconnectedness of love as it is about being funny. It's a very specific vision that is very much his. I don't feel Wes is out to impress anyone. Like all good artistes, he's writing about himself."
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"Wes is a young man who has a concept. A lot of young directors do films that they've seen, they just call it something else. And to Wes' credit, this film does not look like a lot of other films."

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