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Ocean's Eleven

George ClooneyBrad PittMatt Damon
Julia Roberts • Don Cheadle • Andy Garcia
DIRECTOR: Steven Soderbergh
PRODUCER: Jerry Weintraub

Clooney, Pitt, Damon and Elliott Gould - we couldn't fit all 11 in...

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Film Bytes By Judy Sloane
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WEINTRAUB on how Vegas has changed since he produced the original movie in 1960:
"Vegas was completely different in those days. There were five hotels and they were each owned by a different city in America, and they were each owned by the mob in that city. Today it's all corporate, so it's a completely different atmosphere than it was in those days. Filming in Vegas was all pros and no cons - they were very helpful to us at the hotels. It's a hundred billion dollar set that you couldn't recreate in Hollywood or anywhere in the world. It also gave the actors the feeling of robbing these casinos - nobody knows how much money George and Matt won, but it's a great deal."
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ANDY GARCIA on his role of Terry Benedict:
"I had to find a ruthless aspect in the character in order to service the movie. I had to bring out certain qualities that empowered my character as someone you dislike, because ultimately we want to be rooting for George's character and the eleven guys. It was great to be able to act in the actual casinos. When I'd go on the set it was my casino. It's an actor's dream to be able to play a character in the real environment."
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"This is the part of method acting that crosses into delusion, when Andy was losing money at the blackjack table and he's asking for it back because it's his casino! I'm a method actor, so I've spent years training for the drinking and carousing that I had to do in this film. I was perfectly prepared for it."
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PITT on Clooney's reputation for doing practical jokes:
"George can imitate Jerry Weintraub's voice so well that he convinced the hotel a couple of times to leave some 5:45 a.m. wake up calls when we were on night shoots. Jerry would scramble through his room to pick up the phone, and it would be his wake up call, and he would scream at the person on the other end who would say, 'But Mr. Weintraub, we talked with you last night at 11:30 p.m. and you said to call you at 5:45 a.m.' That happened a lot."
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ROBERTS on working again with Soderbergh (after Erin Brockovich)
"I just really like Steven, and I think that he has a very deep respect and appreciation for movies and a great story told well. I have reckless abandon when it comes to my job and he has precision, and I think those two thing work together."
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Damon and Clooney in heist mode "I think there's a universal fascination with heist movies. I've always loved them. Everybody has given money to a casino, so it's a much easier world to rob from. It's the Robin Hood world."

"I think the original line on the poster for the movie said, 'In any other town they'd be the bad guys!'"
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