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Out of the Box UK TV highlights for November 2001

selected from
Cult Times #74

'Don't Miss' episode highlights in this issue:
Week One: 3rd – 9th November
LEXX • Outer Limits
Week Three: 17th – 23rd November
Stargate SG-1 100th ep! • X-Files
Week Two: 10th – 16th November
Xena • Farscape • Rex The Runt
Week Four: 24th – 30th November
Millennium • Cleopatra 2525 • LEXX

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Seven Days Seven Days
New Episodes!
from Tuesday 20th, 17.00
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It first arrived on UK screens a few months ago on BBC2, only about three years after it premiéred in the US and about 10 minutes before it was cancelled. The BBC, rather sensibly it seemed, got out while the going was good, having only purchased the first 13 episodes of the series, including the pilot, which now is unlikely to be shown again due to it featuring a plane crashing into the White House.

The good news for Seven Days fans is that Bravo has picked up the show and this month is transmitting the entire first season (minus the aforementioned pilot). Highlights of the episodes so far unscreened include A Dish Best Served Cold, in which a former Chrononaut returns to Project Backstep with vengeance on his mind and magical powers in his, er, mind; For the Children, a touching tale where Frank tries to stop a tragedy despite not being given permission to; and Vegas Heist, a fun comedy episode set in the gambling capital that features the world’s funniest ‘woman being knocked out’ moment. Sprayed with knockout gas, watch as she hilariously drops out of frame straight downwards about 10 minutes in. Well, it made me laugh... (PS)

Photo © UPN; Seven Days can be seen in the UK on Bravo

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