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LEXX's Michael McManus and Xenia Seeberg


After millennia of searching, has the LEXX crew found a home? Or will Earth merely become the latest on their hit list of planets? Michael McManus, Brian Downey and Xenia Seeberg reveal all!

Feature by Paul Spragg

• From Cult Times #74

LEXX: new Season from Nov 8th, 21.00 (UK); repeated Fridays, details in magazine

LEXX's Brian Downey as Stanley TweedleIn the last five years, we've explored the Light Universe, the Dark Zone and two worlds that were, apparently, Heaven and Hell. Our unwilling guides on this tour are the crewmembers of the LEXX, a living ship that is also the most powerful weapon of destruction in what were once the two universes.

Wherever sacked security guard Stanley Tweedle, feisty love slave Xev, long-dead assassin Kai and lovesick robot head 790 have gone, trouble has very much followed them around. So their latest destination in their fourth season of adventures should come as something of a worry to us all.

"We arrive in the proximity of Earth and the characters actually do come and visit, with levels of disastrous consequences," begins Brian Downey (Stan), not setting anyone's mind at rest. "You discover that it's a Type-13 planet, which means that self-destruction of the planet's imminent." Yes, we don't need the LEXX crew to destroy our planet this time; we're managing fine on our own.

"It's been LEXX's destination from the beginning," explains Michael McManus, Kai, adding cryptically that, "It'll make sense" when it is pointed out that seeing a presidential cavalcade and Earth landmarks in LEXX seems even more strange than what's usually in the series. "It's a destination of sorts, I guess," chips in Downey. "It's more of an accidental arrival than a determined destination."

McManus expands on his earlier statement by saying that it was always creator Paul Donovan's plan to finish up at Earth. "Way back when, that was one aspect of it. The other aspect which we haven't done for whatever reason is we were supposed to be in some kind of distress and hear a voice much like Captain Kirk's from a ship much like the Enterprise, saying, `You're in distress, you're in distress, we are coming to your location to help you'. And we go, `What the f**k is that?' and we were supposed to blow up the Enterprise."

Confirming this is the final season - "With these characters and this format," says Downey, evidently keeping his options open - what's in store for the viewers? "Well, if you look at the season now and go backwards, it's obvious that the 13 were set up," ponders Xenia Seeberg, who plays Xev and has been unusually quiet until this point.

"But this is the year where we've got all the elements of it," adds McManus. "Your question mark about here on Earth there's presidential cavalcades, that that isn't quite LEXX? As that gets shoved down through the LEXX filter, it'll make more and more sense." "Pretty quickly," agrees Seeberg.

"I think that the way to watch this series," ventures McManus, "is by watching the end and then getting much more out of the beginning. And what the devotees of LEXX, the real fans, what they've been rooting for is for it to push all the way through, because they've seen its implications from the beginning. That's the intelligence of the people who've got into it and their fanship. It's like following your football team but knowing that they're making good decisions in the back office and that though they keep losing games, they're gonna turn around and become fantastic.

"(On) a lot of things they say, `Okay, we have to finish this,' but then it's already going downhill," explains Seeberg, "but with LEXX I think it's quite the opposite; it's going uphill and it will be finished."

Paul Spragg

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