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Andromeda Season 2 cast shot Andromeda
The Widening Gyre
Monday 1st, 20.00
Sky One logo

Let’s be honest, the first season of Andromeda was a bit of a disappointment in the beginning. It was predictable, not very well written and the characters were hampered by lack of personality and some really quite daft costumes (hello, Trance Gemini).

Then, about halfway through, it became a work of genius, with more inventive stories, the glimmerings of an arc, a closer examination of the characters and their relationships, and a touch more humour. The season finale was one of the best stories made for the series but also stood its ground alongside the better of the other genre shows.

With things now on a firmer footing, Season Two looks to be building on the series’ strengths. As you can see above, the costumes reflect a tougher, no-nonsense attitude, and things are liable to get more complex for the Andromeda crew and their mission. This season opener, shrouded in secrecy, sees them trying to fight off a Magog attack and also at the mercy of a sinister shadowy figure. How will they get out of this one? We don’t know. So you’ll just have to watch it and see… (PS)

Photo © Renaissance TV; Andromeda can be seen on Sky One

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