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• In this issue of Cult Times:

• Are you eager to find out what happens to New Mexico's alien royalty? As the series resumes on BBC2 we talk to co-creator Jason Katims about his plans for Roswell's future. Read an extract

Buffy & AngelBuffy & Angel
• "This year... we knew exactly where we were going" Visiting the UK to meet the fans, Joss Whedon took some time to discuss his ever-popular creations with us

The Randy Ruffian Chiana, aka Gigi Edgley Farscape
• As the third season débuts on UK TV, we talk to Gigi Edgley, in the throes of finishing this year's final episodes, about playing the randy ruffian Chiana

Rex and The Gang Rex the Runt
• Continuing their adventures in TV land, we take a look at this extraordinary Aardman Animation... including a chat with Steve Box, the man behind the goofy Vince

Cleopatra 2525
• Gina Torres takes time out from battling the Bailies to answer our questions about feisty freedom fighter Hel, and her previous roles in Xena and Hercules

PSI Factor
• We look at the changing fortunes of this paranormal investigation show as it moved into its third year - which is now being made available on video and DVD

But also -
  • What's New
    Our annual look at the new season of Cult TV kicking off in the US
  • Times Past and Instant Guide
    Funny business this month as we deal with, among other topics The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. See guide here
  • Out of the Box - Essential info for September
    Detailed satellite and terrestrial Cult TV listings, plus merchandise details, video reviews and our handy index. See this month's highlight
  • File Under...
    Millennium's third season finally reaches the UK, airing on Sci-Fi from later in September. But how did the writers deal with the apocalyptic events that were spiralling out of control in the Season Two cliffhanger?
  • On The Guest List… X-Files scientist Joseph Fuqua and Doctor Who robot man Burt Kwouk discuss their involvement in the world of Cult TV
  • News
    The latest news in on Buffy and Angel, additions to the cast of Dark Angel, Doctor Who a hit on the Internet, Enterprise writers assembled, plus all our regular sections...
  • Your Letters: Got something to say for yourself? Then e-mail us at:[email protected]. Meanwhile long-running editor Richard Atkinson makes his farewells in this issue. Good luck Richard!

    Please note: Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: The WB / UPN, The Henson Company, Aardman Animations.

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