Out of the Box UK TV highlights for September 2001

selected from
Cult Times #72

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Week One: 1st – 7th September
Farscape • PSI Factor
Week Three: 15th – 21st September
Xena • Futurama • Buffy
Week Two: 8th – 14th September
Stargate SG-1 • Doctor Who
Week Four: 22th – 28th September
Rex The Runt • South Pk • Andromeda

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Is it love? Farscape
Highlight of the Month
Self-Inflicted Wounds I & II
From Monday 10th & 17th, 18.45
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Farscape? Borrowing an idea? Yes, for those who remember Doctor Who's Nightmare of Eden, this story sees Moya involved in a prang with another spaceship, one that leaves the two vessels intertwined and needing to be separated. The problem is, only one ship will survive the experience and with Moya badly injured it seems the vote won't go in her favour.

Self-Inflicted Wounds is a rip-snorting epic of a story, with masses of action, the death of a regular (this time for good) and intergalactic intrigue as the motives of the occupants of the second craft gradually become clear. With plots and counter-plots, incredible CGI dragons, some wonderful scenes between the crew (Zhaan, Stark and Pilot come off particularly well) and the introduction of a new regular in the shapely form of spoiled rich kid Jool, it kicks the third season of the best Sci-Fi show currently on TV into high gear and doesn't pause for breath. And it even gets better from here... (PS)

Photo © The Henson Company; Farscape can be seen on BBC 2

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