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• In this issue of Cult Times: Not only -

Star Trek: Voyager
• After seven long years of dodging spatial anomalies and kicking back on the holodeck, its time to wrap up the travels of the stranded starship. We survey the landmark moments in the show's run and examine how it stands in relation to its Trek forebears. Read up on it hereSee also Times Past below...

• August sees new episodes on Sky 1. Anticipating the show's second season Kevin Sorbo (alias Capt. Dylan Hunt) speaks about the changes needed to fulfil its potential

LEXX on location at Battersea LEXX
• After escaping the surreal Dark Zone, and visiting Heaven and Hell, the LEXX's crew have turned up in the shadow of London's Battersea Power Station. We had to investigate

EFC: Boone and Da'an from Season 1's Avatar Earth: Final Conflict
• So Boone's back. Having been killed off in E:FC's first season, he's now set to return in the show's swansong. But did the Liam Kincaid years ever eclipse that Year One?

• If you're a fan of Frank Herbert's novel, but were unimpressed by the movie version, the mini-series - out to rent now - could be the thing for you. Ian McNeice, who plays oleaginous Baron Harkonnen, shared his thoughts on this ambitious update

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
• Since his last appearance passed with little comment from us, and with Band Candy re-airing on Sky 1 this month, we decided to check in with Robin Sachs. Famous for playing Ethan Rayne, thorn in Giles's flesh, it seems he's been very busy...
• Check out The Buffy 100 in Cult Times Special

But also -
  • Instant Guide To... Level 9
    A whistlestop guide to this short-lived series about crime-solving hackers. Hacking itself is a crime, you know, but I'm sure those kind of details aren't going to worry this lot
  • Out of the Box - TV listings for August
    Specialist UK TV listings for all you Cult TV fans. Including what's out in the shops, merchandise reviews and our handy index. See this month's highlight
  • File Under...
    Doctor Who – It's just been rereleased on video, it's on UK Gold in August, and it is, in part, the work of recently departed comedy genius Douglas Adams. What better time could there be to take a fresh look at City of Death?
  • Times Past:
    Tying in with our cover feature, our regular critic judges recent episodes of Star Trek Voyager and wonders if it bodes well for the impending launch of fifth Trek series, Enterprise
  • On The Guest List… Continuing with the theme we go back to Season One of Voyager, as Brian Markinson shares his memories of Cathexis and Faces. Plus, The Immortal regular April Telek tells us about her involvement with First Wave.
  • News and Star People
    Rumours abound as we inch ever closer to the start of the autumn season. Denied an Emmy yet again, we spill the beans on Buffy Season Six. We also find out more about the new series of Randall and Hopkirk, and JMS's plans for a brand new series, Jeremiah
  • Out of the Sack: Write to us! Air your angst! Share your satisfaction! Get it out of your head and onto p82 of the next issue, why don't you? E-mail us at: [email protected]

    Please note: Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: Paramount TV, Salter Street Films / Sci-Fi Channel (US), Renaissance Pictures, Tribune Entertainment, Bravo

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