Out of the Box UK TV highlights for July 2001

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Cult Times #70

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Week One: 1st - 6th July
Outer Limits • Charmed • Xena
Week Three: 14th – 20th July
First Wave • South Park • Buffy
Week Two: 7th – 13th July
Star Trek • Invisible Man • LEXX
Week Four: 21st – 27th July
Cleopatra 2525 • Level 9 • Xena

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Roswell's Jason Behr and Emilie de Ravin Roswell
Highlight of the Month
B21: Departure
Wednesday 11th, 20.00
Sky One logo

They’re going home! Yes, the aliens have discovered that they might be able to use the Granalith (or however it’s spelt) to return to the planet they came from. The problem is that some of their Human friends don’t want them to leave, some of the group themselves are a little unsure, and Liz has uncovered new evidence relating to Alex that may change everything...

For those who’ve felt the last couple of episodes have been running on the spot, failing to make any progress in the ongoing investigation into Alex’s death, you’ll be delighted to learn that it’s all been going somewhere.

As the kids prepare to return home, Michael and Maria have a particularly touching farewell, and a welcome one after Michael has been so reticent to date in expressing his emotions. Meanwhile, Max is concerned about Tess’s condition and Isabel isn’t sure if she wants to say goodbye to her Earth-bound life. The problem is that if they don’t go now, they never will. Who will stay, who will go and what revelations will we get before the season ends? Watch and see... (Paul Spragg)

Photos © 20th Century Fox; Roswell can be seen on Sky 1 and BBC2.

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