I'm a Xev-ivor

LEXX's Xenia Seeberg with taciturn Kai (Michael McManus)

Having braved a realm of unspeakable nastiness, not to mention Heaven and Hell on the twin planets of Fire and Water, Xev now faces her greatest challenge yet: Earth. LEXX's Xenia Seeberg tells all. Or maybe just a little...

Feature / Season 4 Preview by Paul Spragg

• From Cult Times #70

It's back to uncover the weirdness that lurks just beneath the surface of the human psyche, and this time it’s doing it a lot closer to home. On our home, in fact.

After two seasons in the Dark Zone and one spent on two planets that are the physical embodiments of Heaven and Hell, the LEXX and its crew have come across a little blue planet, one made predominantly of water but which has continents, civilizations, life. It’s called Earth, and if you thought the LEXX universe was weird before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Back for a fourth year, and an unsettling batch of new episodes, are Brian Downey as Stan, Michael McManus as Kai, and, of course, Xev, played by the stunning Xenia Seeberg.

In the middle of filming episode 15 of the 24-episode Season Four, Xenia took some time to chat about the LEXX phenomenon and give some hints about what to expect in the new season. But not too many; with the show starting on The Sci-Fi Channel in mid-July and heading for Sci-Fi in the UK later in the year, Ms Seeberg was unwilling to impart a great deal of information about the storylines for fear of spoiling it for us. Considerate of her, but it sure makes our job that bit harder!

So what had Seeberg liked about the preceding year on Heaven and Hell? “I liked that it got serious, but some moments it was a little too serious. It lacked the humour which LEXX was so famous for until then. And therefore I’m very happy with the season we’re shooting now. Despite all the stress and the long hours we’re working, we’ve majorly picked up on our dark sense of humour. The episode we’re doing right now is very intense. You can tell that Jeff Hirschfield is writing again.”

Jeffrey Hirschfield, of course, has always provided the voice of 790, lovelorn robot head, but with Season Three being written solely by the other two-thirds of LEXX’s guiding triumvirate, Lex Gigeroff and Paul Donovan, he’s elected to return to the writing fold for the new episodes. “It definitely makes a difference to us, oh yeah,” explains Seeberg, enthusiastically. “We can always tell: the more serious ones are usually the Paul and Lex episodes and the incredibly insane ones are usually the Jeff Hirschfield ones. Insane in a good way, of course! Please underline that.”

Seeberg is quick to confirm that, unlike Season Three, the latest batch of episodes don’t form one extended story. “Oh, no, it’s different. It’s many different places. It’s probably not a secret any more that the LEXX goes to Earth in this season, and so therefore it makes sense that we’re in various places. It’s like a combination of Seasons Two and Three, I’d say, except we push everything even further. It’s much quicker now, and I think the stories are really interesting. It’s not as much of an ongoing story as Season Three.”

“Thus far it feels like the best we ever did,” enthuses the actress, “and we had a few screenings of the first few episodes and they looked just amazing. The effects are better, the whole outlook is better, the material looks better – everything’s better.”

Xev with Prince (Nigel Bennett)

LEXX Season Four preview

Xenia Seeberg may not have been allowed to reveal anything about the fourth season of LEXX, but here are a few snippets we’ve managed to uncover:

• Little Blue Planet
A little fuller after eating Fire and Water, the LEXX still decides to eat a chunk of a small blue planet, with its inhabitants quickly demonstrating that they won’t stand for it.

• Texx LEXX
Xev finds herself in a Texas trailer park, Kai gets involved in a doomsday cult and Stan is picked up by the United States department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

• P4X
Xev gets exploited in a women’s prison run by Craig Charles and Hattie Hayridge, and Stan attempts an escape.

• Stan Down
Stan offers his services to the US president, who is out to kill Prince.

• Xevivor
LEXX does Blind Date as nine men compete for a night with Xev. Still, she’s probably got time for them all.

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From Cult Times #70

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