Who’d Live in a House Like This?

This house could hide a secret inside...
by Thomasina Gibson

…scattered, all over the shop, are gifts from adoring fans. Outside, sheets of rain steadily soak a huddled TV crew. Where else could we be but on location with Stargate SG-1?

Plus: Season 5 Preview • From Cult Times #69

Amanda Tapping, out of uniformNow we know what it’s like – being ordered around by Stargate SG-1’s Major Carter. “Come on over to my place,” said Amanda Tapping, “take a look at where Sam Carter lives.” Knowing what’s best for us, and naturally curious to visit the home where the Major wends her weary way after a hard day at Stargate Command, Cult Times immediately jumped on a plane to Canada.

Having ignored the smart advice about dressing for cold, wet conditions (Stargate SG-1’s publicist has recommended that for years and it’s never rained once) we found ourselves soaked to the skin and chilled to the bone, arriving at their location site - for the early Season Five episode Ascension - during what can only be described as a downpour of biblical proportions. Still, the warmth of the welcome extended by the cast and crew made it all worthwhile.

Sam Carter’s home is actually a colonial style property belonging to a local resident who has given permission for the house to be used as a set. Just inside the entrance to the two-storey building, the ‘bootie police’ pounce on us to make sure that no one ventures any further with wet shoes. Squeezing past the numerous bodies packed into the hallway preparing for the next scene, we emerge into a very light, homely living room to be greeted by the major herself.

“Don’t I have a nice house?” she beams. “Do you like my river rock fireplace? I built it myself. And I have an amazing car. Did you see my car?” I did. Silver grey and gorgeous, it’s parked outside the front door.

As excited as a schoolgirl, Amanda Tapping is thrilled to finally be given the opportunity to show a private part of her character’s life. “This is a huge, huge episode for Carter,” she begins. “We get to see where she lives. I get to wear normal clothes. I drive an amazing car. It’s sweet. You know what? I think Carter is very cool. She has a 1940 Indian motorcycle; a 1961 beautiful, mint, vintage Volvo and she’s got a Harley in her garage that she’s working on, too. How great is that?”

Agreeing that it certainly is wonderful, we ask about an interesting rumour that we’ve heard about Carter’s life. Bashfully, she reveals, “I have a man. Of course, at first nobody believes he exists. He’s a bit like ‘my imaginary friend’. Actually it’s a great episode for me because everyone thinks I’m crazy and plays into the fact that Carter has no life outside the SGC...” Scoffing at the very idea the actress shrugs, “It’s not like she’s a complete loser, you know. Well, she might be a little bit of a loser, but not totally.”

“I wanted the place to look like my own home so I brought in some of my personal things”, Tapping says. Pointing to two quilts that cover the settee and chair she says, “Those were sent to me by a fan. Quite a few of the things in here were. I brought them because my fan mail is just piling up and I haven’t had a chance to answer everyone but then realized this is something I can do to thank people. I can have their gifts in my episode...”


Well, this isn’t a democracy, so you’re getting Amanda Tapping. She’s lovely anyway. No doubt when reading this feature you're thinking, ‘Why didn’t they ask her where her favourite place to eat is?’ or ‘Why didn’t they ask if she’s visited my Major Carter shrine on the Internet?’ or ‘Why didn’t they ask her if she’d like to meet Elvis?’

Well, you get the idea. So here’s your chance. Send your questions! The e-mail address is [email protected] and we'll print Amanda's answers in an issue later in 2001...

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