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• In this issue of Cult Times:

The Invisible Man
• Ace Ventresca! The man who's breathing life into the latest disappearing secret agent - Vincent Ventresca - talks extensively to Cult Times about this great new series, running on Bravo in May.
• PLUS! We introduce all the regular characters

Traci Lords in First Wave The X-Files
• Who would have believed it? Scully's been won over, and now believes that her partner has been abducted by aliens. Gillian Anderson discusses her place in the series.
• PLUS! Win a full set of Season Two on DVD!

Leni Parker as E:Fc's Da'nEarth: Final Conflict
• Could it be that Da'an is not much longer for this world? Headpiece and jumpsuit going into storage? We spoke to Leni Parker about what may be the Taelon's final demise...

Voyager's Happy Couple, Paris & B'Elanna Star Trek: Voyager
• Daddy or ships? Yes, Voyager's navigator has been sucked into family life! We talked to Robert Duncan McNeill about fatherhood and the series' imminent finale

• Want to know what happens next? Jeffrey Hirschfield, writer and the voice of 790, explains how he's not afraid of having some fun with the impending fourth season

PLUS! All our regular sections:
  • Instant Guide To... Knight Rider
    David Hasselhoff and his talking car... An obvious winning combination that resulted in one of the most fondly remembered series of the early Eighties
  • Out of the Box
    Cult TV listings for May, plus weekly highlights and DVD reviews of Farscape, Thunderbirds and the latest Buffy box set. Check out this month's highlights
  • File Under...
    • Taking a look back at the final instalments of Space: Above and Beyond
  • Channel Hopping…
    In this month's news, Buffy hits 100, Superman gets a makeover, Voyager wraps, new Star Trek and B5 get closer, The Tomorrow People reach a new medium, and Final Destination premieres on Sky Movies
  • On The Guest List… Voyager
    Borg and Klingon this month, as we quiz Manu Intiraymi and Paul Eckstein about their guest-starring roles
  • Times Past:
    Did our jaded critic like First Wave or, on balance, would he rather be running up and down sand dunes pretending to be someone from Blake's 7?
  • Out of the Sack: Your chance to keep us informed about what you want in the magazine. [email protected]

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  Now and Again's star Eric Close

PLUS: another thoroughly exciting double-sided Invisible Man / Now and Again poster


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