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Wonder Woman    
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from Cult Times #67

The Premise: World War 2 pilot Colonel Steve Trevor bails out of his plane in the Bermuda Triangle and is washed up on the beach of Paradise Island. Amazon Princess Diana wins the contest to accompany him back to America and, as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince, Trevor’s secretary, she remains by his side to fight evil Nazi oppressors. Thirty-five years later, Wonder Woman returns to the States to assist Steve Trevor Jnr, son of the original, at the Inter Agency Defence Command (IADC), battling international villainy.

Background: Reportedly commissioned as a season filler for The Bionic Woman – out of production due to an injury sustained by Lindsay Wagner – Wonder Woman was a sufficient success to convince ABC to continue. CBS took the show on after one year and updated the setting to the Seventies.

First Run: The show premièred in the USA on 11th July 1975. The first season was never shown in the UK by the BBC (Sky 1 finally showed it in 1993), who instead started with Season Two, on 1st July 1978, showing the episodes out of order.

Number of Episodes: Sixty, including two feature-length pilots to introduce Seasons One and Two.

The Good Guys: Season One: Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter), princess from Paradise Island; Major Steve Trevor (Lyle Waggoner), pilot in the US Air Force; General Blankenship (Richard Eastham), Trevor’s boss; Etta Candy (Beatrice Colen), Blankenship’s secretary and Diana’s close friend; Drusilla (Debra Winger), Wonder Girl and Diana’s younger sister.

In addition to those that returned, the next two seasons also included IRAC (voiced by Tom Kratochvil), IADC’s super-computer.

The Bad Guys: The Nazis in Season One. After that, anyone from mad toy inventors, ants and disembodied brains to mind stealers from Space, maniac disc jockeys or any number of heavies in roll-necks and flared trousers.

And Isn’t That... Mel Brooks’ stalwart Cloris Leachman and Batman’s Riddler Frank Gorshin. Other notable guest stars include: veteran Horror star John Carradine, Roddy MacDowell and Ted Shackelford. Most notable is, of course, Debra Winger, who loathed the show so much she allegedly broke her contract and left...

Overdone Clichés: Trevor failing to notice that his associate only has to remove her specs to be a dead ringer for the lady of his dreams?

Fashion Statements: How long have you got? This is the Seventies.

  Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman

The Mind Stealers from Outer Space
Two-part sequel to a Season One story, this features some fabulously dreadful alien costumes composed of sparkly jumpsuits and tinsel, and a big black monster call the Ssard who trashes Diana¹s apartment and tears her blouse.

Pot of Gold
Really warm and glowing Christmas story about an Irish leprechaun who has to avoid the big-collared heavies getting their hands on his valuable pot of gold.

The Boy Who Knew Her Secret
A boy sees Diana change into Wonder Woman and, while also foiling the plans of some more mind stealers from Outer Space, she has to find a way to erase his memory. But has she forgotten about something?

Wonder Why...

Flight to Oblivion is a very dull story about a turncoat NATO officer sabotaging the US Air Force. Even the costumes don’t sparkle…


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