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• In this issue of Cult Times:

Earth: Final Conflict
• Ever wanted to know what Robert Leeshock did to make money when he was a struggling actor? How he gets on with his co-stars? What he watches on telly? Cult Times' readership grills E:FC's Human/Kimera hybrid Liam Kincaid. Read an extract here

Spike and Harmony Buffy The Vampire Slayer
• One of Buffy's fiercest vampire killers paired off with Sunnydale High's dizziest student? James Marsters (Spike) and Mercedes McNab (Harmony) on love after life

Voyager's Doctor Star Trek: Voyager
• Robert Picardo looks ahead to the end of Voyager, and discusses the two-hour special Flesh and Blood, where encountering his own kind throws his loyalty to shipmates into question...

Ben Browder: what's in Crichton's future?Farscape
• Moya's crew are in bad shape by the extraordinary climax of Season 2. We look at how they got there and what the future holds for Crichton and his alien band

The X-Files
• It's all change at the FBI. Mulder's gone missing, and Scully has a new partner. So who's bucking authority? Who's there to keep everyone in line? Find out who's holding the reins as Season 8 unfolds...

PLUS! All our regular sections:
  • Instant Guide To... The Others
    Creeping up on us… this fantastic supernaturally-themed series can now be seen on Channel 5. We dedicate this month's Guide to an exciting but short-lived show
  • Out of the Box
    Want to know what's on telly in March? Look no further as we bring you a comprehensive guide to the UK's Cult TV, including this month's highlight: Wonder Woman. Plus merchandise listings and selected reviews of forthcoming releases on video and DVD
  • File Under...
    The Prisoner – If you didn't know what was going on first time around, maybe you should catch it on Sci-Fi. Not that it will make it any clearer. We look at an enigma from the 1960's…
  • Channel Hopping…
    In this month's news, Joss Whedon gets a ton of cash to sit at home and think, the new Star Trek series may not share the family name, we look at recent US pilots while Doctor Who vies for more... plus Farscape season 3 is In Production
  • On The Guest List…
    Recurring guest stars from Voyager and E:FC this month: Tom Paris's father, alias Richard Herd, and Russian bad guy Garwin Sanford, talk about joining the cast of these popular series
  • Times Past:
    The X-Files is back on Sky 1. Now chalking up an incredible eighth year, does it still have what it takes to charm our regular TV critic? Duchovny's departure and Doggett's arrival comes under the spotlight
  • Out of the Sack: Your chance to keep us informed about what you want in the magazine. Where do you think Farscape should go now? What do you think of the latest changes to Roswell? [email protected]

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