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The Others    
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from Cult Times #66

The Premise: Marian Kitt is a college student. When she starts to have terrifying dreams, she is approached by a member of a group that calls itself The Others, a collection of people with supernatural abilities who offer to help her control her developing powers.

Background: While The Others are a group of supernaturally gifted humans, so the production team are some of the film and TV world’s most respected names, including directors Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters) and former X-Files scribes Glen Morgan and James Wong, who also serve as executive producers. It formed the middle part of NBC’s Thrillogy alongside The Pretender and Profiler.

First Run: The Others first appeared on US screens in February 2000, brought in as a mid-season replacement.

Number of Episodes: Thirteen, just half a season’s worth, although episode nine, Mora, was held over when the show was cancelled and transmitted after the final episode.

The Good Guys: Elmer Greentree (Bill Cobbs), leader of The Others, old but unafraid of death. Miles Ballard (John Billingsley), a professor with no supernatural powers, but a strong believer. Mark Gabriel (Gabriel Macht), a doctor and also an empath. Satori (Melissa Crider), a strong psychic and the only member who uses her gift professionally. She and Mark have a strong affection for each other, but acting on it brings explosive results. Marian Kitt (Julianne Nicholson), student and learning the depth of her channelling powers. Warren Day (Kevin J O’Connor), a man whose mind is seemingly always on another plane. Albert McGonnagal (John Aylward), a grumpy man with the gift of visualization, which is ironic as he’s blind.

The Bad Guys: Anything that’s supernatural, including ghosts, demons and former members of The Others.

And Isn’t That... With Morgan and Wong involved, the usual suspects put in an appearance. Morgan’s wife Kristen Cloke plays an Entrance Demon, old favourite James Morrison a telephone psychic and Darin Morgan – writer, director and comic foil – plays one of his customers, a man who’s not, he’s keen to explain, gay. Gabriel Macht’s father, Stephen Macht, plays Mark’s father in Mora.

Overdone Clichés: Elmer does seem to be plagued by the past a lot.

Fashion Statements: Elmer has a lovely line in cardigans and carpet slippers.

  The Others
Chillingly Good

For those considering laser eye surgery, this episode might put you off for life. A little too graphic for comfort and the demons surrounding the man operated on are terrifying.

$4.95 a Minute
A fake phone psychic suddenly acquires the ability for real and his predictions of death may drive him mad in this darkly comic and creepy episode.

Life is for the Living
A near-death experience for Elmer is merely the start of The Others’ problems as they are each given the one thing they really want. The cliffhanger was, sadly, never resolved.

Rest in Peace

Luciferous, in which Marian wins a fight with her demonic wallpaper. Don’t Dream It’s Over takes a long time to get anywhere with a minimal pay-off.


The Others
is currently airing on
Channel 5, Mondays at 21.00 (March 2001)

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