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“I want to see people being
brought to their knees”

What are his TV viewing habits? Does he watch himself on TV? And if he does, does it make him think Da’an needs sorting out? It’s all here. Meet the man behind E:FC’s Liam Kincaid

These and 15 more questions are answered
by Robert Leeshock in Cult Times #66

Robert Leeshock can see the finishing line. It’s the last week of shooting Earth: Final Conflict’s fourth season, and Leeshock is just four days away from concluding work on the season’s cataclysmic finale, Point of No Return. The episode propels Leeshock’s heroic alter ego, the undercover resistance leader Liam Kincaid, to the centre of the ultimate confrontation between the Taelons and the Jaridians, and promises to give Season Four a truly Earth-shattering close.

Before he completes his third year of freedom-fighting and makes a dash for his well-earned hiatus, though, Leeshock has a promise to keep. At the start of Season Four, Earth: Final Conflict’s leading man agreed to participate in a special interview consisting of questions set by Cult Times readers. Now, with the end of Season Four firmly in sight, the always charming New Yorker keeps his end of the bargain by tackling 20 of your enquiries, as posed by one of our top reporters…

Have any of the other cast members ever wondered what they’d look like in Taelon or Jaridian make-up? Are they game to find out and would they release the pictures if they did? Louise Harkins, via e-mail

Liam as a Taelon (Artist's impression)I think everyone would want to do it once, just to find out what the shape of your head looks like. But the actual [make-up] process sounds like it’s a one-time deal. After you do it once, there’s really no need for you to do it again because it’s such a gruelling process. As far as I’m concerned, if they could do it in a computer-generated way, it would be absolutely hilarious.

I think everyone would be willing to let the pictures out. I think we all probably want to know what we look like, both as a Taelon and as a Jaridian. It’s funny, but you will actually see a couple of the cast in [alien] make-ups later this season. But I don’t want to spoil the storyline, so I won’t say anything more about that.

Liam’s alien powers seem to have gone totally now. Do you feel they added a dimension to the character that’s now been lost?
Kerry Banks, via e-mail

I think from an action point of view, they probably were kind of cool. But in a way, I think what was more important was the connection to Liam’s alien heritage. I wanted to see more of a battle being waged internally. The fact that those powers happened to exist, I think, added a certain dimension to the character, but then they took it in another direction.

They came up with a very challenging idea for a leading man, and I think they got scared. They just went, “Let’s make him more human and more accessible.” It was a bold move, and unfortunately it got brought back to the middle ground a little bit.

Isn’t it about time you opened a six-pack of whupass on Da’an for being a malevolent little sh*t? Gary Woodfield, Bristol

Maybe not just a six pack but a keg of whupass! [Laughs] Da’an has been asking for trouble for a while. But I think what’s happened this year is that Da’an has lightened up again. Da’an and I have actually gotten away from that adversarial kind of relationship and we’ve actually kind of leaned back to Season Two and being much more philosophical with each other. I think we went to the edge with that [adversarial relationship] and we stopped screaming at each other – some fans were getting sick of that and I think I was too.

What do you watch on TV now and is there anything you used to watch regularly when you were a child? Jennifer Bourne, Potter’s Bar

Actually, I tell people if you really want to sum up who I am, I’m the kind of guy who’s switching between the football game and Elsa Klensch Style, the style programme on CNN which has all these beautiful models walking down the catwalks in Paris and places like that. I’ll flick between the football game and Elsa Klensch Style, back and forth.

If I’m not doing that, I hate to say it but I’ll watch COPS. I’m fascinated by human nature and that show really catches people with their pants down! Growing up, I liked Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, The Twilight Zone, Little Rascals, Mission: Impossible, The Munsters, All in the Family and cartoons, like The Jetsons. And more recently, I was a big Pee-Wee’s Playhouse fan

Do you ever watch Earth: Final Conflict when it’s on?
Amy Faris, Stanmore

I watch it when they send me the tapes. I don’t get to see it in Toronto [where the show is filmed]. I’m never really home when it’s on.

If I’m back in the States, I watch the show with my two nephews. I have 10 nieces and nephews, and the last time we were watching it was great because my three-year-old nephew just couldn’t believe there’s Uncle Robert on the TV and there he is sitting on the couch! It was just the greatest feeling. The only drag is my other nephew is getting to be a little smart at eight years old. He tests me by saying, “Why should I believe anything you say? You’re an actor.” [Laughs] He keeps using that same line!

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