Out of the Box UK TV highlights for February 2001

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Cult Times #65

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All highlights this month by Paul Spragg (PS)

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Voyager Season 7 Highlight of the Month Star Trek: Voyager
Season Seven
Starts Monday 19th, 20.00
Sky One logo

The final season of Voyager is here, and it promises great things as we approach what is presumably the ship’s eventual return home. Last season saw Janeway decide that if it was good enough for Picard it was good enough for her, becoming captured and Borgified alongside Torres and Tuvok.

As the plan moves up a notch, the Borg Queen starts to take an interest in her new drones, engaging in a battle of wits with the captain for the future of the Borg. Later in the season, expect Garrett Wang, Robert Picardo and Jeri Ryan to all have their moment in the sun, and a new turn in the Paris/Torres relationship. There’s more holograms, more Hirogen, a spot of Time travel mayhem and, yes, the one you’ve all been waiting for: the interspatial Grand Prix. With each character likely to get a story of their own before arrival back home for a feature length finale, there’s plenty more Trek left to come to keep you all happy, and you can keep yourselves occupied in between episodes speculating on how the series will end. (PS)

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Kill Kill Kill
Saturday, 22.00

First UK showing

Kennedy Smith has had enough of the Spy Game, so he decides to get out and retire to a leafy suburb. Sadly, the evil arch-genius he thought he’d killed has decided to move in next door to him, hoping to kill him.

You may think that this sounds an odd premise for a comedy, but each week one of our two protagonists is killed in some inventive way. However, watching everyday activities escalate into all-out warfare is wonderful, and even genius Kriegman’s wife is the number one vixen of the year. Packed with stunts, full of surreal events, featuring insane fight sequences using every household implement you can imagine, The War Next Door is an overlooked gem that was cancelled after a mere eight episodes in the States. Check it out; you won’t regret it. (PS)

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Guise Will be Guise
Friday, 21.00

Starting this week
Charmed Season Three
– first UK showing starts on Living, 20.00, Monday

Angel is sent to a swami to talk through his Darla issues, but when a gangster comes calling at the office, Wesley is forced to pretend to be Angel to save Cordelia and finds himself taking on a bodyguard role for a Mafia boss’s daughter.

Alexis Denisof fans, this one’s for you. Wesley finally shows what he’s made of here as he tackles some of the most dangerous criminals using his wits and Angel’s reputation to save him from serious injury. There’s tense drama as Wesley runs the risk of exposure at every turn, outright comedy as he forgets the ‘rules’ of being a vampire and gets a ‘yummy’ drink, and romance (although, Angel’s reputation gets rather in the way of this last aspect). This is a beautifully constructed tale that demonstrates just how far Wesley has come. And not only that but David Boreanaz shows off his skills with his low-key reaction to the swami’s advice, before arriving at the end to offer some incredulous one-liners. (PS)

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Cult Times #65

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Skinner’s Sense of Snow
Sunday, 18.30

First UK showing

It’s a snowy day in Springfield, so naturally the kids are hoping for a day off school. Sadly, they reckoned without Skinner, who calls all the students in despite the teachers being off partying. Things look good for a while, but when the school is snowed in, the kids take control.

Recently, The Simpsons has taken something of a surreal twist, and although this episode is one of the more normal ones, some of the situations are decidedly odd. Look out for a very expressive hamster being given escape instructions by Skinner, Homer in an insane fume-induced fantasy land and the Principal’s visualization of what his boss would do in this situation. (PS)

Sky One logo

Fool for Love/Darla
Friday, 20.00 – 22.00

First UK showing

It’s Buffy/Angel crossover time again! It’s a slightly different approach here, following the same historic events for two different vampires, Spike and Darla respectively. Firstly, we get to see Spike’s early pre-vampire life, a touching insight with a few surprises about his aspirations, including the inspiration for his modus operandi. Darla continues the ongoing Angel arc while adding some background to Angel’s life after the return of his soul. A nicely-made romp through the past. (PS)

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She’s a Man, Baby, a Man!
Saturday, 20.05


There’s a succubus on the loose preying on men, and there’s only one way Prue can think of to trap it. One spell later and Prue is shaving with the rest of them, but starting to take on a disturbing number of manly qualities.

It’s a simple enough premise, but it’s used to maximum potential; Shannen Doherty makes a worryingly convincing man, leading to all manner of complications when she heads for a dating agency. Funny, sexy and set during a heat wave (cue Phoebe attempting to win a wet skimpy dress competition), it shows that even as a man, Prue can still kick some pretty effective ass. (PS)

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Nothing to Fear, but Nothing to Fear
Tuesday, 21.00


People are acting as if they don’t have a fear in the world, and Morris is determined to find out why. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to get a date with her mystery hunk.

Now and Again is a show that doesn’t deliver quite what you expect, with the characterization taking precedence over the car chases and stunts. The people experiencing no fear are used less as a plot and more as a counterpoint to Lisa’s own fears about asking out Michael. It also shows off Dennis Haysbert, as Morris’s childlike fascination makes him oddly likeable yet still rather sinister with his disregard for human life. (PS)

Starting this week
Star Trek: Voyager
Season Seven – first UK showing from Monday, 20.00, Sky 1
Roswell Season Two – first UK showing from Wednesday, on Sky 1 at 20.00

Sky One logo

Sunday, 21.00

First UK showing
see also cover feature

The hunt is on! Mulder is missing, Skinner is telling everyone he’s seen a spaceship, Kersh has been promoted to deputy director where he can make life more difficult for everyone and an agent called Doggett has been assigned to lead Mulder’s manhunt.

Yes, it’s The X-Files, this time with added Robert Patrick. And he’s what makes this worth watching. With Mulder trapped on an alien ship (Is he undergoing horrible torture? Is it all in Scully’s mind? Does it put you off your food?), Doggett makes a fine new ‘You’re not serious?!’ man to balance Scully and Skinner. There’s a feeling of newness, although the usual suspects are present in spades here. Keep watching, as the series moves back to its darker roots after this. (PS).

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All Halliwell’s Eve
Monday, 20.00


Cole has come up with a new plan to cause trouble for the Charmed Ones: get them transported back in Time where they won’t have their powers and put them in conflict with the locals, who wish to hang them for witchcraft. Meanwhile, Morris and Leo are forced to fight off a return engagement from the previously-vanquished Gremlocks without magical assistance.

Episodes set in the past are always good fun, and there are plenty of laughs to be had here, from Phoebe’s ‘restrained’ Halloween costume and desire to give witches a good name to Leo and Morris’s efforts to beat the monsters, or at least keep themselves alive until the girls return.

There are also some tense sequences such as the girls’ hanging and the discovery that they can’t use their powers, and Cole gets that little bit closer to being revealed as the man behind their problems. For those familiar with actual Wiccan practices, it’s also good to see some of the basic principles of natural magic used by the sisters in this episode, even if Phoebe does cheat a bit. (PS)

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Cold Comfort
Wednesday, 21.00

Season Twelve – first UK showing of new episode Pokey Mom; Sky 1, at 18.30 on Sunday

Bryn, another Manticore escapee, has reached Seattle, being almost immediately captured. Zack arrives to enlist Max’s help in finding and releasing the ailing girl, with their first stop being Lydecker, capturing and forcing him to reveal what he knows. However, when they discover that another organization has Bryn, the pair must work with Lydecker to secure her release.

Until now Max has led a fairly solitary life, keeping out of the public eye so as to avoid detection. She narrowly escaped a police record a few episodes back, but now she must reveal herself to Lydecker to save one of her own. The ramifications of this can be seen later, but this is a wonderful episode featuring plenty of action sequences, a rather ill-advised ploy for escaping your captors (don’t try it at home, kids) and a series of double, triple and even quadruple crosses. Essential to the ongoing arc. (PS)

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