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• In this issue of Cult Times:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
• The long wait is over! The fifth season of vampire vanquishing fun is underway on UK screens. We introduce Buffy's new sister Dawn (yes: that's her sister) and preview the first four episodes

Roswell's Jason Behr Roswell High
• As the first season draws to a close on BBC2 and Sky 1 gears up to show the second, we interview leading man Jason Behr and discuss his role as the Boy from Space.
Read extracts here

Kate Mulgrew as Cpt. Janeway Star Trek: Voyager
Kate Mulgrew talks to Cult Times about the last days of the show, what she thinks of Janeway's relationship with her crewmates and how she feels about leaving it all behind

Peter Williams as SG-1's ApophisStargate SG-1
• Apophis! There's just no getting rid of him. Despite being killed repeatedly, he keeps coming back. Peter Williams on playing the evil System Lord

Earth: Final Conflict
• Among the goodies that 2001 brings is the latest batch of E:FC. Meet new tech-expert J Street, alias actress Melinda Deines

PLUS! All our regular sections:
  • Instant Guide To...
    Roughnecks: the Starship Troopers Chronicles. It was a book, it was a film... and then it became a leading-edge CGI animation series. Become a one-page expert on the Roughnecks here!
  • Out of the Box
    Listings for January's Cult TV, weekly programme highlights, merchandise you can find out in the shops and selected reviews. January highlights including our choice of the month - Now and Again- are here!
  • File Under...
    Meet the DNA Mad Scientist in our File Under feature on Farscape
  • Channel Hopping… All the latest news stories including: complaints against Angel upheld, Xena's last season, new series for 2001, Doctor Who merchandise and Buffy - too sexy?
  • On The Guest List… Supporting actors from E:FC and Voyager, Richard Zeppieri and Gwyneth Walsh
  • Times Past: All about Angel in our regular review of last month's Cult TV
  • Out of the Sack: Write to us about all your favourite Cult TV (and your views on the magazine itself) at [email protected]

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