Oct 2000, #61 ships from Sept 19 UK £2.85, US $4.99 FEATURE GUIDE BEST TV

• In this issue of Cult Times:

Star Trek: Voyager
• The Borg are back in Unimatrix Zero, the final episode of season six on Sky One! Visiting the lush set during filming, we spoke to Brannon Braga about making "the final part of the Borg two hour things". Excerpts here

Farscape's Pilot. Operators not shown Farscape
• Ever wondered who pulls the strings? We talk to Sean Masterton, head of the puppeteers who bring Pilot to life, and Lani Tupu who voices him and plays villain Crais

Kevin Sorbo as Andromeda's Dylan Hunt Andromeda
• As Gene Roddenberry's latest Sci-Fi legacy hits UK screens (days after its US première) we talk to Kevin Sorbo about playing the lead role of Dylan Hunt

Baldrick and Blackadder go back & forthIn File Under...
Blackadder Back and Forth
We take a look at the final episode in the Blackadder saga, made to celebrate the millennium (at the D*me) but now coming to Sky

• To mark the release of the first 11 episodes on video we investigate the triumphs of Season One, and devise a few tips for the series' producers as they work on year two of the vampire-led agency

The Sight
• Meet the director and star of this Sixth Sense-style drama which recently aired on Sky 1

PLUS! All our regular sections:
  • Instant Guide to... Thunderbirds
    Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation classic, now back on the BBC (and emerging on DVD)
  • Out of the Box • Comprehensive listings for Cult TV programming on satellite and cable channels. Including weekly highlights, video reviews and merchandise details. October highlights are here!
  • News… The BFI TV and Emmy awards, JMS to make new Sci-Fi series, LEXX latest, this issue's film preview, a look back at this month in 1973 and recent progress on Andromeda
  • On The Guest List… Cult favourite Andrew Jackson on his role in Stargate, and Richard Franklin on playing Mike Yates in Doctor Who
  • Times Past: Our regular TV review column. This month we examine new terrestrial acquisition Roswell High and compare it to The Tribe
  • Out of the Sack: Your letters on Cult Times and the world of telefantasy TV. You can write to us at [email protected]

    Please note: Pictures taken from this issue are copyright: The Henson company, Paramount, Tiger Aspect / Sky One, BBC

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Pull-out poster of Kevin Sorbo in this issue!

PLUS: Double-sided pull-out poster in this issue: Kevin Sorbo as Andromeda's Captain, and the third season line-up for First Wave.


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