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• In this issue of Cult Times

Stargate SG-1
• New episodes hit Sky One this September as Season 4 reaches the UK. We talk to producers Brad Wright and Robert C Cooper about future developments and the introduction of a controversial new character. Excerpts here

Sarah Michelle Gellar J CummingsBuffy The Vampire Slayer
• Marti Noxon, prolific Buffy scripter (and co-executive producer), shares her perspective on the fourth series and drops some hints about the eagerly-anticipated fifth...

Virginia Hey, aka vegetable vicar Zhaan Farscape
• Virginia Hey - vegetable vicar Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan's human persona - talks to Cult Times about acting alongside puppets, working under pressure and being covered in blue paint

Seven and Janeway on VoyagerStar Trek: Voyager
• Enjoying the current episodes of Voyager? Because they're been under sustained fire from some fans. Ian Spelling reviews Season 6 and examines the portents for Season 7

Relic Hunter
• This is what you get if you take Indiana Jones and replace stuffy old Harrison Ford with the babe from Wayne's World. Tia Carrere, relic hunter Sidney Fox, shares her dreams of doing a photoshoot for The Sun

New Season
• And as if all that's not enough, we take a sneaky peak at what lurks around the corner as the US autumn (or, if you will, fall) season kicks off…

PLUS! All our regular sections:
  • Instant Guide to... Angel
    'Powers That Be', familiar guest stars, David Greenwalt… what could it all mean. Find out with our definitive guide to the Buffy spin-off premiering on Channel 4 this month!
  • Out of the Box • Comprehensive listings for Cult TV programming on satellite and cable channels. Including weekly highlights, video reviews and merchandise details. September highlights here
  • News… the latest X-Files happenings, an old enemy returns to Buffy, Doctor Who on DVD, plus Film of the Month (South Park) and In Production - on new series Dark Angel
  • On The Guest List… a special guest this month as we talk to Rene Auberjonois (Odo in DS9) about his part in Stargate
  • In File Under... As the BBC present a welcome repeat of the early Star Treks, we take a look at Spock's first command in The Galileo Seven.
  • Times Past: Our regular TV critic praises Farscape's title sequence and investigates whether the following 45 minutes live up to it
  • Out of the Sack: Your letters on Cult Times and the world of telefantasy TV. You can write to us at [email protected]
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