Aug 2000, #59 ships from July 25 UK £2.85, US $4.99 FEATURE GUIDE BEST TV

• In this issue of Cult Times

• The Halliwell sisters are getting UK Cult TV fans tuning into Channel 5 every Saturday night, while Living are premièring Season Two. We take a look at how things have changed between seasons. Excerpts here

Gigi Edgley, the young rebel Chiana Farscape
• “Chiana’s not another Wesley Crusher,” said wise Ben Browder in issue 57. Now Gigi Edgley, alias feisty firebrand Chiana, talks about joining Moya's crew and fan reactions

David Duchovny, filmstar, in Return To MeThe X-Files
• Everybody thinks they know David Duchovny. He’s a deadpan, credulous FBI agent, and we’re not ready to accept him as anything else. We quiz him on his plans for the future

Tim Russ, Voyager's rocking VulcanStar Trek: Voyager
• Tim Russ: Vulcan security officer on the stranded starship Voyager and, believe it or not, a wannabe rock star. Find out more about the latest Trek star to dabble with music…

Stargate SG-1
• Have you ever wanted to write for TV? Heather E Ash, scriptwriter of three highly regarded Stargate episodes, explains how it’s done

PLUS! All our regular sections:
  • Instant Guide to... Jason King
    the urbane and flirtatious novelist-cum-superspy, played by Peter Wyngarde
  • Out of the Box • Comprehensive listings for Cult TV programming on satellite and cable channels. Including weekly highlights, video reviews and merchandise details. August highlights here
  • News… A new character in Buffy, E:FC Season Four preview, Invisible Man success for Sci-Fi Channel, the latest on Star Trek and US news
  • On The Guest List… Charlie Brill on his casting as Klingon spy in DS9’s celebration of 30 years of Trek. And Nicholas Parsons on his role in Doctor Who, talking of which...
  • In File Under... The Curse of Fenric. This Doctor Who story had its problems at the time but was generally well received; here we ask Andrew Cartmel, the story’s script editor, to judge how it withstands the test of time
  • Times Past: Last month's cover feature reflected Sky One's Stargate vs Star Trek stunt. That's a bit like Tiffany vs. Madonna, argues our TV critic
  • Out of the Sack: Your letters on Cult Times and the world of telefantasy TV. You can write to us at [email protected]
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