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Highlights by Ian Atkins (IA) and Paul Spragg (PS)

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Roswell's Jason Behr Roswell
Highlight of the Month skyone channel logo
The White Room • Thursday 1st, 20.00

Max has been captured by Agent Pearce of the FBI and is being held in a totally white room as Pearce attempts to wrest his secrets from him, by persuasion, by drugs and by force. Can Max’s fellow aliens stage a break-in to the hi-tech facility and get him out?

This second part of the story begun last week is a truly terrifying look into human nature and our desire to understand the unusual, regardless of the pain we might inflict doing so. After 20 episodes of being unsure who they are and where they came from, Max, Michael and Isabel learn a lot about their background and abilities here, meeting at last the ‘father’ they’ve been looking for. Meanwhile, Liz and her friends must decide whether to trust Sheriff Valenti and seek help in rescuing Max.

At last we start to see things really coming together, and director Jonathan Frakes uses his now-extensive knowledge to put together a frenetic action-adventure with all manner of filmic styles. By the end, there are still some important plot points left to be tied up but it all leads nicely into the season finale the following week. (PS)

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The Wish
Wednesday, 18.45 - yes, another change of day...



The last episodes for now of Roswell (Sky 1, 20.00, Thursday), Deep Space Nine (BBC2, 18.45, Thursday) and Good vs Evil (Sky 1, 21.00, Wednesday)

Cordelia, in a particularly irritable mood, wishes that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale. Her wish granted, Cordy finds herself in Evil Sunnydale, where The Master rules...

This is not only an excellent episode, it’s also a vital one as well, although not necessarily for this season. Parallel universe stories are invariably good, if only because you can kill off or fundamentally alter the regular cast, demonstrated here by showing us Xander and Willow as vampires. It’s a dark insight into what might have been, and it introduces everyone’s favourite vengeance demon Anya. Simply great. (PS)

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Wicca Envy
Saturday, 20.05

Those Charming girls (again)

Pretty much the end of Charmed’s first attempt at doing the back-story arc thing, using Prue’s boss – the suave Rex – to show lots of villany, bad things and the power of Suggestion. The sisters Halliwell are found professionally wanting when the cops call regarding a theft at the auction house: it’s as if Prue herself has stolen a valuable item, getting away with it so well that she has genuinely no idea she’s the guilty party.

Who is behind this successful attempt to get the sisters locked up for good? Step forward a God-like Rex, projecting his awareness into other locations, and making people do his dreadful will. However, not only does this mean that Prue is now suddenly a kleptomaniac, but a few of the series’ other characters are about to surprise us with unexpected abilities. See if you’re able to guess who they are… (IA)

Sky One logoEarth: Final Conflict
Arrival , Wednesday, 20.00

After being sent off into Jaridian Space, Lili Marquette returns with a new perspective on the Taelons and their mission. But how will her return affect the Resistance?

You can always rely on E:FC for some kind of major season-ending cliffhanger, and this episode is no exception. At last it seems as though the Final Conflict itself is about to begin, with the arrival of the Jaridians signalling the end of Taelon machinations as they are now forced to engage their foe in combat. Can they beat back their enemies? And whose side will the Resistance come down on? Some answers are here, but for others, you’ll have to wait until the next season, and you can bet that with the recent behind-the-scenes shake-ups, not everyone will necessarily come out of this alive... (PS)

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God Fearing Child
Wednesday, 18.00

Labouring Xena leans on Gabrielle & Hercules

Xena is about to give birth, but the gods know full well the impact her child will have on them due to prophecies that it will result in their demise. When Xena goes into labour, Zeus sets out to destroy her child and only Hercules stands in his way.

Odd though it is that one of the most important fights of Herc’s life is taking place after his series has finished, it’s great to see Kevin Sorbo turn up once more, now with shorter hair, and settling his long-standing family arguments once and for all. In fact, Xena and Gabrielle are more bystanders in this epic battle of the gods, which also features the return of Hera, this time unusually on Herc’s side.

How will it all end? Who is the father of Xena’s child? What, you think I’m just going to tell you? (PS)

Channel 5 logoHercules
Judgment Day, Tuesday, 19.00

Hercules has had his powers taken from him and been married to Serena, who has likewise forsaken her life as the final remaining Golden Hind. As Herc and his new bride set out to enjoy the rest of their lives together, it soon becomes clear that peace isn’t going to be featuring strongly in their lives.

The first of this week’s vital fights as Channel 5’s repeats reach an important point in the life of everyone’s favourite god-hunk. This time it’s not Hera behind a death in the family but Ares, whose assistant Strife kills Hercules’s bride within hours of the ceremony. A superb performance from Kevin Sorbo shows the pain and loss Hercules feels once again, more so considering he is being led to believe he murdered Serena and can’t cope with the guilt.

A brilliant example of the kind of man Hercules is, even going up against Ares with no powers, this is a powerful emotional drama featuring guest appearances from Xena and Gabrielle and some sterling support from Michael Hurst as Iolaus, trying to help his friend as best he can. Not to mention there’s more fighting than you can shake a sword at. (PS)

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Course: Oblivion
Sunday, 18.45

The Doctor treats Belanna in Voyager

B’Elanna and Tom get married, but shortly after the happy event, the pair (along with other crew members) begin to suffer from cellular degradation, an ailment the Doctor can’t cure...

If you know the twist in the tale, this episode is entertaining enough but unlikely to surprise. Once B’Elanna is dead, it’s obvious something has to happen to bring her back to life. The way it’s handled, however, with the gradual, unstoppable ‘melting’ of everyone on board makes for some particularly moving television and a good allegory for incurable diseases. (PS)

Sci-Fi logoFirst Wave
The Purge Friday, 21.00

When an attempt is made on the life of The Minister, Joshua is put in charge of the investigation. Discovering that the assassin may be part of a group of human sympathizers, Joshua must decide where his loyalties lie.

With Sebastian Spence off having a manicure or something, it’s a Gua special this week, with Roger R Cross taking centre stage. And it’s a decision well made, as we learn a lot more about the Gua, their society and their plans for Earth. We also find out that Joshua isn’t the only one unhappy with the way the invasion is going.

Working on several levels, The Purge is an exciting and interesting episode which allows the viewer to attempt to solve the mystery before Joshua, then throws in a neat twist at the end. It all sets up an important arc for the character and will no doubt take on greater significance later in the season. (PS)

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