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Highlights by Ian Atkins (IA), Clayton Hickman (CH), Tom Spilsbury (TS) and Paul Spragg (PS)

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In my beginning is my end: Hercules concludes Hercules: the Legendary Journeys  
Highlight of the Month skyone channel logo
Full Circle • Monday 29th, 18.00

Zeus has decided to release his wife, Hera, from the Abyss of Tartarus, where she became trapped by Hercules at the end of Season Four. But when released, will she return to her evil ways? Meanwhile, Ares decides to make further trouble by releasing the Titans from their sleep.

Can Hercules and Iolaus put the world to rights one last time? Of course they can, otherwise it wouldn’t be an uplifting series finale, would it?

The Hercules producers have wisely decided to go for an all-action story first and some kind of conclusion second; after all, Hercules has never had any particular ongoing arc, so there’s little to conclude. There’s an element of family involved here though, as Hercules is forced to deal with his father and stepmother again, neither of whom have been great supporters of his lifestyle. There’s plenty of fighting, some intelligent problem-solving from Herc and some great teamwork between him and Iolaus, but the best part is the very end when the pair talk about retiring from the hero game. It’s an apt coda to a consistently enjoyable series. (PS)

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Earth: Final Conflict
Through Your Eyes
Wednesday, 20.00



 Star Trek: Voyager
Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy, Sky One: Monday, 20.00

Zo’or has decided that in order to better understand humans, he should become one, and thus starts using a comatose subject to experience the thrill of emotions. However, in this new body, the Taelon could be killed...

The concept of someone taking your body and using it any way they like is quite horrible, and Zo’or seems to enjoy a chance to kill that he doesn’t get as a Taelon. After signs of the alliance between Zo’or and Sandoval fracturing, the two seem close again, and events in this fast-paced episode show that the Resistance may have some tough times ahead if they are to stand against the Taelons... (PS)

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Dead Man Dating
Saturday, 20.05

Those eminently datable Halliwell sisters


 First Wave
Season Two – first UK showing on Sci-Fi from Monday, 21.00

It’s not too often that viewers get a lump in their throat when watching Charmed – a lump elsewhere, perhaps, but not the throat. Even with the recent how’s-their-father story Thank You For Not Morphing, things never got above ‘sweet’.

Here, however, is a full-on love story in the category marked ‘unobtainable’. Piper encounters the ghost of a young Chinese man who has been brutally killed in an apparently motiveless attack. If she cannot quickly help him see that his remains are given a proper burial, then his soul will be taken to Hell by a wonderfully-realized armoured demon. But in the process of helping him, Piper falls in love, and however things end, someone’s going to get hurt. Think Ghost directed by Terry Gilliam, and you sum up this episode perfectly. (IA)

BBC2 logoBuffy the Vampire Slayer
Homecoming, Thursday, 18.45

Just when you thought it was safe to view Cordelia Chase as one of the Scooby Gang, along comes this funny action episode to put such erroneous ideas firmly in their place. A war erupts between Cordy and Buffy over who will be the Homecoming Queen, but while confusion reigns amongst the Gang (especially Willow and Xander), Mr Trick has some plans of his own for a little competition: it’s going to take more than a winning smile and a nice dress to survive Slayerfest ’98.

Moments to watch out for: the musical montage as the candidates try to win friends and influence people; Mr Trick briefing his various players; and Cordelia showing that while a pen might be mightier than the sword, a spatula beats a gun every time... (IA)


 The Tribe
Season Two – first UK showing of the final episode on Channel 5, Saturday at 16.55

 The Simpsons
Season Eleven – Maude Flanders dies in the first UK showing of new episode Alone Again, Natura-Diddly, 18.30, Sunday on Sky 1

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First Wave
Monday, 21.00

Cade and Eddie in First Wave's Deepthroat


 Urban Gothic
Season One – first UK showing of 13 tales of terror, beginning on Wednesday, 23.00, Channel 5

Cade goes after photographic evidence that aliens are arriving on Earth, but is hampered by a nosy reporter... and an outstanding arrest warrant. Showing a degree of sophistication far greater than before, this second episode of the second season contains multiple sub-plots that tie together perfectly. The aliens who were usually so easy to spot are much better disguised here, and, for those who like that kind of thing, there’s even a dominatrix. Something for everyone then... (PS)

skyone channel logoFuturama
Lesser of Two Evils, Sunday, 19.00

Fry manages to run over a robot that looks just like Bender, but has a much more friendly attitude. He even seems to like his new colleagues when he is offered a position at Planet Express. But he does have a goatee beard, and when an atomic tiara is stolen, Fry has his suspicions...

You almost know where this episode is heading, but it’s great fun to watch it get there. The Miss Universe pageant is wonderfully realized with the strangest aliens you’ve ever seen and the return of Zapp Brannigan and the world’s favourite Soap hunk, Calculon, as judges.

There’s plenty of mistaken identity, and Bender showing off a fetching collection of scarves and Fry attempting to protect the tiara are among the comedy highlights. Yes, Futurama is thankfully back on form. (PS)


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Good vs Evil
To Be or Not to Be... Evil
Wednesday, 21.00

Chandler and Henry: it's G vs E...  

Chandler and Henry are sent to investigate an actor who seems to be appearing on everything despite his total lack of star quality. Obviously a Faustian deal has been made, and the pair go to the heart of Hollywood and the studio that made the classic Horror movie ‘I Still Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did Last Winter’.

Aside from making fun of Hollywood’s obsession with dodgy sequels, there’s plenty more on offer in this episode as Henry reveals he always wanted to be an actor and is willing to make a deal of his own to have his dream come true. Cue an endless parade of glamorous Hollywood parties with Chandler having to tell his friend that he’s in way over his afro. Can Chan get Henry to renounce or is the acting bug too strong? (PS)

BBC2 logoStar Trek: Deep Space Nine
The Sound of Her Voice Wednesday, 18.45

The idea of an episode centring on a woman who we can’t see and have no interest in, may sound as dull as watching an episode of The Tripods, but it turns out surprisingly well.

At this stage in Deep Space Nine’s sixth season, the war has been raging on for nearly a year, and each member of the crew has been feeling increasingly isolated from their friends. There are some particularly strong monologues from Colm Meaney and Alexander Siddig, while Captain Sisko’s troubled relationship with Kasidy Yates takes an unexpected turn.

While there is much foreshadowing and very little plot, some of the touching character moments are amongst the best from Deep Space Nine’s entire run. The Quark and Odo B-plot is also rather cute, and if you don’t have a tear in your eye when the end credits roll, then you clearly have no soul. (TS)


3rd Rock From the Sun
Season Five – William Shatner is back as the Big Giant Head Returns in this week’s Sky 1 episode, at 19.30

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Xena: Warrior Princess
Seeds of Faith – Wednesday, 18.00

Sandoval and Zo'or


 Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Season Four – first UK showing of the season finale, Restless. Sky 1, Sunday 28th at 20.00 (yes, just five days after its US premiere)

Eli’s peaceful ways cause trouble when he predicts the fall of the gods; something Ares isn’t too keen on. With Hercules over, it’s up to Xena to make use of the gods he left behind. This story is vital to the season’s arc, and Kevin Smith is magnificent as Ares fights a battle he may not be able to win. His constantly evolving relationship with Xena is worth watching this episode for alone. (PS)

BBC2 logo The Simpsons
Missionary: Impossible, Sunday, 18.30

Owing money to PBS, Homer seeks sanctuary in the church, and is sent to do missionary work on a distant island by Reverend Lovejoy. It’s obvious Homer might have problems when he is unable to remember the correct name of the heavenly person he is meant to be serving, and although the producers are unusually keen to be respectful to another culture, Homer’s efforts provide plenty of laughs. The best parts are before he leaves and the ending, which is truly inspired. (PS)


 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Season Six – first UK showing of the final episode, Full Circle, on Monday at 18.00, Sky 1

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