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• In this issue of Cult Times:

Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)
• Join Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer on location as they film an episode of the resurrected series, showing on BBC1 in April. Online (and in print), we also talk to Emilia Fox (who plays Jeannie) and Tom Baker (Marty's ghostly mentor, Wyvern)

Wicked Starfleet Captain Ranson's fate revelaed in Voyager Star Trek: Voyager
• It's back! As Season Six of Voyager commences (April 10th, Sky One) we look at its place in SF TV right now, and get bang up to date with the latest US-aired episodes...
Plus: on the Guest List, Bertilla Damas and Vaughn Armstrong, two Borg from Survival Instinct (episode 2)

A big hand for David Boreanaz Is Angel any good?
• In issue # 52 we previewed Angel, and made the odd criticism. We got a few letters. So, playing devil's advocate, we've raised some damning problems for an ardent follower to answer

Jayne Heitmeyer competes for pole position on E:FCEarth: Final Conflict
• Newcomer Jayne Heitmeyer and soon-to-exit David Hemblen come under the spotlight, as we probe the shifting loyalties of their E:FC alter egos Renee Palmer and Jonathan Doors

New shows on Sky One!
• We weigh up the case for Good vs Evil, and meet The 10th Kingdom's wolfy Scott Cohen, as a cheesy cop-show from beyond the grave and a glorious fairy-tale-inspired Fantasy drama reach the UK

  • Out of the Box
    The most comprehensive Cult TV listings for April, including weekly highlights, merchandise releases and video reviews
  • Instant Guide to... Roswell (Roswell High)
    - What problems might aliens have if they lived on our planet? Breathing our Earth air? Understanding our human customs? Or perhaps just worrying about hiding from the local sheriff and the implications of dating their friends. ..
  • The very latest SF and Fantasy TV news. Including: the latest on Earth: Final Conflict, Doctor Who audio, Randall and Hopkirk, Buffy and Angel. Plus a sneak preview at Stargate SG-1 In Production on Season Four
  • In File Under…we look at an early instalment of Charmed, as Channel 5 kicks off its first terrestrial run
  • Times Past The closing episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Earth: Final Conflict's third year considered
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