Out of the Box UK TV highlights for April 2000

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Cult Times #55

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Highlights by Ian Atkins (IA), Paul Spragg (PS).
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Left behind: Deep Space Nine Star Trek: Deep Space Nine  
Highlight of the Month skyone channel logo
What You Leave Behind • Monday 3rd, 18.00

So it’s come to this. After seven years, there has to be a conclusion to the adventures of Captain Sisko and his crew, and this is it. As the Dominion War moves into its final stages, Sisko must face a more personal test when Kai Winn and Gul Dukat set about releasing the Pah-Wraiths from their Fire Cave prison.

Let’s make one thing clear first: What You Leave Behind isn’t perfect. However, there is a lot to enjoy about it. The most important thing to do was to bring closure to the story arcs of all the major and supporting characters, and this aspect is accomplished flawlessly. Some are simple changes that lead crewmembers to a new life and other characters remain relatively unchanged, except for having to deal with some kind of loss.

There’s plenty of action, the baddies get their just desserts (you’d expect no less) and the whole story plays like a movie, split into two parts with an intermission at Vic’s in the middle. A fitting end to a great series. (PS)

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Something Wicca This Way Comes
Saturday, 20.05

The charming Halliwell sisters


Season One – first terrestrial UK showing

 Good vs Evil Season One – first UK showing on Weds, 21.00, Sky 1

Charmed arrives on terrestrial with this simple pilot featuring three sisters, discovered witchcraft, a few thorny boyfriend problems, and a serial-killer in a raincoat (sensible chap: after all, they’re washable).

By no means the best episode of the season, Something Wicca... is more traditional in its punsome title than its content, with the sisters’ relationship more unsettled than at any other time. But it does illustrate perfectly what will become recognisable Charmed elements: Piper unlucky in love, the slow discovery of some impressive powers, a evil male baddie, and a variety of pouting and outfits that make Madonna look like Julie Andrews. (IA)

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Earth: Final Conflict Subterfuge – Wednesday, 20.00

Sandoval and Zo'or


 Star Trek: Voyager
Season Six – first UK showing of the latest season begins on Monday, 20.00, Sky 1

When a Taelon and his protector are killed in a portal accident arranged by Sandoval, the FBI agent uses the investigation to try to uncover Liam’s Resistance sympathies. The synopsis doesn’t do Subterfuge justice, as we see just how devious Sandoval and Zo’or have got. It’s particularly clever the way Sandoval uses Liam, knowing full well who the criminal is. There’s also an intriguing new character introduced, played by Tamara Gorski (Morrigan in Hercules) and a chilling ending. E:FC moves to Wednesdays now, so there are two episodes this week. (PS)

BBC2 logo The X-Files
Millennium , Sunday, 21.00

Since Millennium ended, the Millennium Group has vanished, except one member, who is bringing others back from the grave with dark magic. Only Mulder and ace profiler Frank Black can stop the apocalypse.

What could have been a standard zombie yarn is improved by the turn-of-the-millennium setting and the addition of the always dependable Lance Henriksen as Frank Black, a man who has checked himself into an asylum in order to be fit enough to fight for custody of his daughter. It’s great to see Black in action one more time, and it concludes his personal story neatly. Oh, and Mulder and Scully indulge in some tonsil hockey. But who cares, eh? (PS)


 Xena: Warrior Princess
Season Five – The last episode for a few weeks sees Xena apparently in search of Mr Bean’s teddy

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Who Are You?
Friday, 20.00


 The 10th Kingdom
Mini-series – first UK showing on Sky 1 twice-weekly, Sundays and Thursdays at 19.00


 The Simpsons
Season Eleven – first UK showing of new episode The Mansion Family, featuring Britney Spears, at 18.30, Sunday, Sky 1

The second episode of this season’s first bona fide two-parter (after such pretenders as Hush/Doomed or The I in Team/Goodbye Iowa), this kicks off from the spectacular cliffhanger of last week’s This Year’s Girl.

Having recovered from her Graduation Day injuries, Slayer-gone-bad Faith tries to put herself into the head of Buffy, working out who to hurt and how: but along with this tense premise is a development of the monstrous Adam’s schemes. What results is a hostage crisis which can only be resolved by both Buffy and Faith deciding once and for all who they want – and who they have – to be. (IA)

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Good vs Evil
Gee Your Hair Smells Evil
Wednesday, 21.00

Chandler and Henry: it's G vs E...

Chandler and Henry go after a hairdresser who’s been getting surprisingly good and try to get him to renounce the deal he’s clearly made. Yes, it’s stupid, but it’s also very funny. Not only does Henry get himself into a shocking jam, there’s also guest appearances from a number of familiar Cult TV icons. (PS)

Sky One channel logothe simpsons
Saddlesore Galactica Sunday, 18.30

Homer rescues a horse from a fair and in an attempt to make some money out of it, he and Bart turn it into a vicious racehorse. Haven’t the Simpsons owned a horse before? Well, never mind; this episode is full of superb self-referential humour, a revelation about the private life of jockeys and a living mop. Its surreal, it’s hilarious, it’s the worst episode ever. Watch it. (PS)

The X-Files
Wednesday, BBC1, 22.20
Don’t you hate it when you go to pay in your cheque at the bank and get involved in a robbery? Mulder does, especially when it keeps happening...

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