March 2000, # 54 ships from Feb 22 UK £2.85 / US $4.99 FEATURE GUIDE BEST TV

The X-Files
• Could it be the end for Mulder and Scully? As Sky 1 commences the seventh, and possibly final, year of the world's favourite paranormal series, we take a look at its legacy, the best episodes so far and the new season

Stargate SG-1's Christopher Judge (Teal'c)Stargate SG-1
• Meet Christopher Judge - aka mighty alien warrior Teal'c - and discover plans for giving his character hair, some love interests and why he's "SG-1's answer to Barry White"

Robert Picardo in preistly mode Star Trek: Voyager
• Robert Picardo, the series' medic, retakes the director's chair for Season Six's One Small Step. He discusses that first mission to Mars and the Doctor's casebook

Someday her Prince... Nigel Bennet with Xev (Xenia Seeberg) LEXX
• Searching for a new villain, LEXX's producers found the cream of genre baddies. Nigel Bennet, (LaCroix in Forever Knight) on playing Season Three's Hauer-esque Prince: ruler of the fire planet

Earth: Final Conflict
• After a decade consoling people on the Enterprise, Marina Sirtis talks about becoming a nun for E:FC's Season Three episode The Cloister, and the fate of Star Trek: Insurrection

The Hunger
• A new take on the anthology series formula. As the show enters its second series, with new host David Bowie, we profile these erotic unsettling Horror stories

  • Out of the Box
    The most comprehensive Cult TV listings for March, including weekly highlights, merchandise releases and video reviews
  • Instant Guide to...
    Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)
    - with the Reeves & Mortimer version about to arrive, we profile the 1969 original
  • The very latest SF and Fantasy TV news. Including: X-Files developments, Angel on UK TV, rip-roaring new Bruce Campbell series Jack of all Trades In Production
  • Times Past the BBC's big budget Fantasy Gormenghast reviewed, plus a look at LEXX and recent ratings for Cult programming
  • In File Under…The Stargate pilot this month, as the series begins a repeat run on Sky
  • The Guest List: interview with the star of new Earth: Final Conflict episode Pad'ar, plus a chat with DS9's Leeta
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