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Earth: Final Conflict
• Do you want to know a secret? Well, there are plenty to be had here, as we interview alleged bad guys Von Flores and Anita la Selva, alias Sandoval and Zo'or. What are their characters planning in the series' critically acclaimed third series?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: on top in Gormenghast Gormenghast
• We delve into the devious mind of kitchen-boy turned arch-manipulator Steerpike, alias Jonathan Rhys Meyers, as Mervyn Peake's epic Fantasy comes to a close on BBC2

Brian Downey, captain of the LEXX LEXX
• Sci-Fi (UK) premiere the third series of this quirky sexy Sci-Fi saga this month. We talk to Brian Downey (LEXX crewman Stan), as he gets grimy in Berlin, and cold on the coast of Namibia

Poison Darrow? The former Avon joins The StrangerersThe Strangerers
• The latest aliens to visit our some stand-up comics. We talk to Cult TV veteran Paul Darrow about being in Rob 'Red Dwarf' Grant's new Sci-Fi comedy

Star Trek: Voyager
• Remember Jeffrey Combs? Deep Space Nine fans will, of course, recall him playing Brunt and Weyoun. Now he tells us he's delighted to be utilizing his talents on Voyager, as Seven of Nine faces her latest challenge in upcoming episode Tsunkatse

First Wave
• As Cade Foster's fight against the Gua progresses on Channel 5, series star Sebastian Spence talks about being a character who's "concerned for others yet hell-bent on revenge", even when the aliens are rather sexy

  • Highlights from Out of the Box, our comprehensive 29-page listings guide to all SF and Fantasy broadcasts in February 2000 are (finally) available now!
  • Instant Guide to... Goodnight Sweetheart
  • The very latest news in print: Doctor Who repeats move on, Cleopatra 2525 In Production , and the latest on all your favourite Cult shows.
  • Times Past on seasonal fantasy fare: Time Warrior, The Magician's House, The Storyteller
  • In File Under…we put you through to the starship Voyager, lost in the Delta Quadrant and trying to phone home in Message in a Bottle
  • The Guest List: the old and the new this month - Duncan Regehr recalls his TNG role in Sub Rosa, plus Due South regular Ramona Milano on new Earth: Final Conflict episode The Once and Future World
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