Earth 3, part 2: Sandoval and Zo'or

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Sandoval and Zo'or take a pinch of salt

Originally devised as a guest character, Zo’or now leads the Taelons’ battle to enslave humanity in Earth: Final Conflict.

Anita La Selva offers a tantalizing glimpse of what's in store for her villainous alter-ego.

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If Zo'or decided to confess all his sins to a local minister, they’d probably have to make a day of it. Following his début in Earth: Final Conflict’s first season episode, Resurrection, Zo’or has ruthlessly claimed the leadership of his own people. Along the way, he has undermined the noble Companion, Da’an, and been responsible for countless deaths.

Yet actress Anita La Selva has always insisted that Zo’or was far more than just an out-and-out villain. And much to her obvious delight, viewers will finally get a chance to see her androgynous alter-ego in a different light during Earth: Final Conflict’s third season. “This season really shows Zo’or in a different context,” explains La Selva. “Last year, Da’an and Zo’or got into playing the roles of good cop/bad cop; Da’an was the ‘good alien’ and Zo’or was the ‘bad alien’. But this year, there are a lot more levels to them.

“Zo’or will still be up to his evil plans, but you will see a more vulnerable side to his character... Zo’or has to face a number of personal crises, and by seeing his vulnerability, viewers might come to realize why he is the way he is. So after seeing Zo’or’s exterior personality in the first two seasons, we’re going to see what’s underneath.

As part of the character’s increased complexity, Zo’or’s relationships with several of the show’s other protagonists take some unexpected turns. While Zo’or and Jonathan Doors pursue their latest battle of wills, the Taelon leader will become increasingly distrustful of his once-loyal henchman, Companion Agent Sandoval (Von Flores). Perhaps most surprisingly of all, though, Zo’or’s regular interaction with Da’an (Leni Parker) will take a startling twist when the true nature of their relationship is revealed. “Leni and I had always been fascinated by what Da’an and Zo’or’s history is,” reveals La Selva, “so it was really good to come up with a piece of history for them..."

Despite her enormous success and popularity as a character Earth: Final Conflict viewers love to hate, La Selva is seldom recognized as the actress behind Zo’or. Even now, she still meets people who assume Zo’or is played by a man. “I was at the Toronto Trek convention a while ago, and a gentleman came up to me and said, ‘I watch your show and I had no idea you were a woman,’” she recalls with a chuckle. “I’ve also had good friends and even relatives look at the show and not recognize me. One of my husband’s relatives thought I was Da’an for quite a while! The whole thing’s kinda funny...”

David Bassom

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