Earth 3, part 2: Sandoval and Zo'or

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Sandoval and Zo'or take a pinch of salt

Who knows what devious Companion Agent Ronald Sandoval is up to?

Hopefully this year will provide a few answers. Actor Von Flores says, “He’s preparing for something…”

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It began in the closing moments of Season One, with the stunning revelation that he was keeping secrets from his Taelon masters. Now, as Earth: Final Conflict’s third season kicks into high gear, actor Von Flores promises that the ongoing guessing game about Companion Agent Ronald Sandoval’s true motives and intentions will finally start to shed some answers.

“Sandoval really does have an agenda and we’ll see more of it this year,” he explains. “This season will show the initial execution of that agenda; we’ll see Sandoval’s first steps towards completing his goal. And all of that will be very clearly defined.

“Viewers will get a sense that Sandoval is preparing for something. And although he’s putting 100% of his efforts into making it happen, he’s not sure that it’s going to work. So you’ll see that he’s a bit scared about that; he’ll become a little short-tempered and edgy. As far as I’m concerned, Sandoval’s storyline is looking really good this season. It should tie up a lot of loose ends and hopefully will leave everyone feeling satisfied.”

Sandoval’s hidden agenda really comes to the fore for the first time in Season Three’s second instalment, The Vanished. This gripping episode reveals that the duplicitous Companion agent has been secretly implanting missing humans with modified CVIs, seemingly in the hope of sending them on reconnaissance missions beyond our solar system. Like the show’s audience, Von Flores can’t wait to learn what events in The Vanished actually signify for his character. “I thought The Vanished raised some great questions, and the answers should be really interesting for the viewers,” he notes. “That’s definitely one of the juicy things we’re going to explore this season. And what an incredible twist it all seems to be.”

After a controversial second year which alienated many viewers with an unfocused and often over-ambitious story arc, Season Three has confidently re-established Earth: Final Conflict as one of the best SF drama series currently in production.

“I think this year is fulfilling the potential we showed in the first season,” agrees Flores. “Everyone’s aware of what happened last season, and we all seem to have learned from it. And it’s a credit to [executive producers] David Kirschner, Paul Gertz and Majel [Barrett Roddenberry] that they were open enough to make those changes...”

David Bassom

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