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Welcome to Issue 50! That’s right, four years and two months of bringing you the most comprehensive guide to the month’s Cult telly. So we've invited the magazine’s five editors (so far) to look back at the history of the magazine and the changing world of Cult TV that it covered. Read the final instalment – a special introduction to this issues main feature...

Sarah Michelle Gellar practices looking grave  Jean Cummings / Moonglow PicturesBuffy The Vampire Slayer

• Catch up with Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar! In this six page feature she discusses Buffy's third season, including her reaction to the delayed episodes Earshot and Graduation Day II.
Part 1 of 2: to be continued in TV Zone

Stanley Tweedle gets an answer to the question 'But where's the pain?'LEXX
• Ever wondered what sort of a mind it takes to come up with something like LEXX? Well, here’s your chance to find out as we interview its creator Paul Donovan. Read an extract

Stargate SG-1
• Producers Brad Wright and Jonathan Glasner discuss their recently done and dusted Season Three, currently receiving its first UK transmission on Sky 1

What, me? Come to your 50th issue celebrations? Yi-yi-yi-yi!Xena: Warrior Princess
• Give or take the odd millennia, Xena has been around for just as long us as, so this seemed an ideal opportunity to walk the path of redemption and see how her fortunes have changed as the series has developed

Star Trek: Voyager
• A special preview introducing Season Six. Unmissable set report next issue!

The Alchemists
• Famous for playing Dr Watson to Jeremy Brett’s immensely popular Sherlock Holmes, Edward Hardwicke talks about returning to the realm of Cult TV, to star in Channel 5’s new genetic engineering thriller

  • The very latest news in print including: Angel and Roswell's impressive initial ratings, the latest on The X-Files and Harsh Realm, a production report on Relic Hunter, and details of the new season in the US
  • Instant Guide to Star Trek movies
  • More Buffy – pray silence for the Mayor! Harry Groener (once a guest on ST: TNG) talks about his pivotal experiences of Season Three
  • In File Under… – Prepared for the DVD revolution? We take a look back at The Five Doctors, the first Doctor Who story available on that format.
  • The Guest List Cult TV favourite Julie Caitlin Brown (TNG, DS9, B5) talks about her role in one of this month’s Sliders, while DS9’s Weyoun - Jeffrey Combs - shares his memories of his earlier guest appearances on the series.
  • Highlights from Out of the Box, our new-look comprehensive 36-page listings guide to all SF and Fantasy broadcasts in November - with a special film guide - available now!
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