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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
• After keeping the peace on DS9 for the last seven years, Rene Auberjonois finally says goodbye to his masked alter ego. We take a look at the changing fortunes of the shirty shape shifter over the course of the series. Read an extract from our interview here

Chic disguises for Season Five's SlidersSliders
• Closing down soon! Meanwhile, changes are afoot for its final season - with the loss of Jerry O'Connell there's a new Mallory. We talk to the producers and new star Robert Floyd about the worlds where everything's new

Emma Caulfield: We know we find her attractiveBuffy The Vampire Slayer
• Anya: Patron Saint of Scorned Women. Until granting Cordelia's wish traps her in a teenager's body. We talk to Emma Caulfield about playing the man-hating demon, new to Buffy in Sky's bonanza of episodes this month

An unusually drippy Gen. HammondStargate SG-1
• Don S Davis plays General Hammond, boss of the planet-hopping SG-1 outfit. Find out what he thinks of his character's development over three years, and his ambitions for the future

Come to the year 3000 and meet David X Cohen, co-creator of this new animated comedy from The Simpsons's team. We'd have interviewed Matt Groening too, but we'd already changed into our pyjamas.

  • The very latest news including: Buffy The Vampire Slayer's autumn schedule, a production report on new Cult TV spin-off Beastmaster, this month's film choice on satellite, and details of the new season in the US.
  • Instant Guide to Total Recall 2070
  • Brooke Langton, star of The Net, on stepping into Sandra Bullock's running shoes as Angela Bennett
  • The Guest List: meet Earth: Final Conflict psychic, Shauna MacDonald, and Kira's Cardassian Dad from DSN, Lawrence Pressman
  • Manhunt! A look back at an early episode of Due South in File Under…
  • Highlights from Out of the Box, our comprehensive 30-page listings guide to all SF and Fantasy broadcasts in October, available now!
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