September 1999
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Cult Times #48
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All highlights this month by our resident see-it-all, Paul Spragg
1st - 3rd September Cult Times Logo
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Faith, Hope and Trick
Sky One: Friday 3rd, 20.00 • FIRST UK SHOWING
Witnessing a vampire attack thwarted by a young woman, Oz comes to the obvious conclusion that there’s a new Slayer in town. But what has Faith brought with her?
A pivotal episode of Season Three, Faith, Hope and Trick introduces Scott Hope, a new boyfriend for Buffy; Mr Trick, a new vampiric addition to the cast; and the amazing-in-just-about-every-way Eliza Dushku as Faith, new Slayer-about-town. Despite having these new characters to throw into the mix, the episode still tells a well-paced and plotted story which provides a powerful enemy for the united Slayers and fills in some of Faith’s past, a past that will take her a long time to get over... (PS)

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4th - 10th September Cult Times Logo
LEXX on the Brigadoom LEXX
Channel 5: Friday 22.40 • FIRST TERRESTRIAL SHOWING
Fleeing from Mantrid’s drones, the LEXX crew are heading towards the centre of the universe when they discover a floating structure in Space. Inside, they find a troupe of actors telling the greatest stories of the Light Universe, and it’s time to tell Kai’s.
Yes, it’s the one you’ve been waiting for: the musical episode. Brigadoom is a superb example of lower budget television-making; simply staged as an actual play, we get the chance to see the surprising and moving story of the end of the Brunnen-G race, told in words and music. Not only that, but Michael McManus has a fine voice, as does Xenia Seeberg when Xev takes on a part, and we hear the fantastic Brunnen-G song once again. LEXX at its best.

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11th- 17th September Cult Times Logo
Debutant Slider Robert Floyd Sliders
The Unstuck Man:
Sky One: Monday, 21.00 •
Remmy and Maggie lose Quinn and Colin in transit and make new friends and a new enemy who is conducting sinister experiments.
A new season, a new batch of sliders, and new arrivals Robert Floyd and Tembi Locke make themselves welcome surprisingly quickly. Plus, there’s evil Peter Jurasik as a mad doctor. It may all be a bit contrived and contain comedy Quinn and Colin doubles, but it’s still not a bad start to the last series.
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Highlight of the month

18th - 24th September Cult Times Logo
Crosstown Traffic, 3000 AD Futurama
Space Pilot 3000
Sky One, Tuesday 21st, 20.00 • FIRST UK SHOWING
Fry is a pizza delivery boy in 1999. On New Year’s Eve, he delivers to a cryogenics factory and inadvertantly gets frozen for 1000 years. Now Fry must get used to New New York and the wonders of life in the year 3000 with help from his new friends, the alien Leela and the robot Bender.

It stands to reason that a series created by Matt Simpsons Groening was going to be great, and this pilot episode expertly introduces the often surreal Earth of the future. The jokes come thick and fast, with the best being the trip through the head museum, where famous celebrities’ heads are stored including Leonard Nimoy’s, and Fry’s close encounter with what he believes is a phone booth. Do not miss this series. You will regret it.
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25th - 30th September Cult Times Logo
Alien Nation's Michelle Scarabelli Alien Nation
Little Lost Lamb
Sci-Fi, Tuesday 28th, 20.00 •
George and Matt investigate the deaths of several Newcomer prostitutes, leading them to a casting agency.

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s about time Alien Nation came back to TV. A massive critical success for its allegorical storylines and well-drawn characters, now you can sit back and enjoy the show again.
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