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The Premise: Fugitives from His Divine Shadow’s evil justice system, Stanley Tweedle and Zev Belringer, accidentally steal the LEXX, a sentient insect ship that is the most destructive weapon in the two universes. Assassin Kai is sent after them, but after getting his memories back by killing one of His Shadow’s Divine Predecessors, joins the crew to help find a new home.

The stars of LEXXBackground: Created by Paul Donovan, the series is filmed in Canada, and is a co-production between many Canadian and European TV companies.

First Run: 19th July 1997

Number of Episodes: Four movie-length (two-hour) episodes in Season One, and 20 hour-long episodes in Season Two.

Good Guys: Zev Belringer went through part of a love slave operation that gave her fabulous looks, a blue rinse, the libido of a rabbit, and some Cluster Lizard DNA. She later became the red-headed Xev. Stanley Tweedle is the LEXX captain, and a former Class 4 security guard. Kai, last of the Brunnen-G, is a walking corpse reanimated by proto-blood, and a former assassin. 790 is a robot head that adores Xev, hates Stan and spouts appalling poetry about these two subjects, and the LEXX itself is incredibly powerful, but not very bright.

Bad Guys:
His Divine Shadow, the last surviving insect after the Insect Wars. His essence was sucked out by his chief scientist Mantrid, who went on to start taking apart the Light Universe with his army of robot drone arms.

And Isn’t That...
I Worship His Shadow has a guest turn from Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Barry Bostwick. Eating Pattern has Rutger Huger slapping on some lippy as Bog. Super Nova features Tim Curry trying to procreate with Stan, and Giga Shadow includes Sci-Fi stalwart Malcolm McDowell as monk Yottskry.

Overdone Clichés: Xev and Stan’s libido getting them into trouble becomes the driving force for much of Season Two. Stan blowing up a planet every week gets tiresome, but Mantrid takes over and is rather more thorough about it. The ribbing of hick Americans is also rather unsubtly done on several occasions.

Fashion Statements: The wise producers show off as much flesh as possible. Zev wore the low-cut remnants of her wedding dress, while Xev favours a figure-hugging Cluster Lizard number. Stan still wears the same Cluster uniform that he’s been wearing for the past nine years. Kai has hair that looks like an interesting loaf of bread, and Wist’s outfit (Eating Pattern) is certainly more holey-than-thou.

Lee Binding

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LEXX Do It Again!
I Worship His Shadow
LEXX proves its originality in the first episode. Jaw-dropping, strange, hysterical and unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The most important story of the Light Universe – that of Kai – is told as a musical. A bizarre and oddly touching tale that fills in all the gaps about the Brunnen-G.

End of the Universe
The second series finishes with a literal bang when the battle against Mantrid reaches its impressive climax.

More hick-bashing in White Trash that should have been confined to the bin, and Lafftrak tries desperately to be funny, but isn’t.

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