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• As the series gets its first screening on TNT and Sky 1 (in the US and UK respectively), Peter Woodward talks to us about his short stint as the show's most intriguing character: the technomage Galen. More...

• We spoke to Lance Henriksen towards the end of the show's last season about recent developments, and his hopes for a future now sadly not to be.

Sisko had to tell Garak that the series was overStar Trek: Deep Space Nine
• With his show finishing in more positive circumstances, Ira Steven Behr was very happy to discuss his involvement with the black sheep of the Trek family.

Robia La Morte is our Calendar GirlBuffy The Vampire Slayer
• As her alter ego goes through the wringer on Sky 1, Robia La Morte – aka computer whizz Ms Calendar – chats to Cult Times about her cut-short run on the show, and feeling close to God.

Psi Factor
• Barclay Hope has spent quite a while now examining the more weird and wonderful aspects of life in his time as Psi Factor's Peter Axon, and as the third season continues on Sci-Fi, we interview the man himself.

• Something of a surprise hit in the States, Charmed has finally made its way to the UK's Living channel. We present a beginner's guide to the series, and the background of the three main leads.

  • Seven pages of news: All the news that matters, with a tribute to DeForest Kelley, the next phase for the Star Trek franchise, and more posthumous shows from Gene Roddenberry
  • Instant Guide to Crusade
  • The Guest List makes a return visit to Voyager with Anthony de Longis and Jeremy Roberts
  • More Crusading, this time with an historical Doctor Who adventure in File Under…
  • Highlights from Out of the Box, our 30-page listings guide to Cult TV in July are now available, with a revised UK schedule for Buffy...
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