July 1999
selected from
Cult Times #46
Out of the Box
Highlights this month by David Richardson and Paul Spragg
Please note revised dates for episodes of Buffy and Crusade on Sky One below, since this issue went to press.

Highlight of the month

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sky 1, Friday 16th, 20.00

After recent events, Jenny Calendar is feeling justifiably guilty for the removal of Angel’s soul thanks to Buffy and Angel’s relationship moving on to the ‘next phase’. Acquiring an Orb of Thesulah, the computer teacher attempts to restore Angel’s soul, unaware that Angelus has learned of her plan and isn’t willing to return to his former existence.

Still in the lead as the most emotionally powerful episode of the series, Passion is a real high point for the quality of the writing and playing in Buffy. David Boreanaz is at his most terrifying and mesmerizing, and Anthony Stewart Head gets some beautiful moments that really engage the viewer. Miss this and you’ll regret it. (PS)

Character Pics © Fox

3rd – 9th July Cult Times Logo
In the War Zone Crusade
War Zone
Sky One: Sunday 4th, 20.00
War Zone picks up events straight from A Call to Arms: Earth is quarantined as a result of the Drakh plague, and the Alliance instruct Captain Gideon (Gary Cole) to lead a crew on the Starship Excalibur to find a cure. Their first port of call is a downed Drakh ship, for a showdown with the Shadow servants.
The plot might not be scintillating, but the cast impress with some diverse and compelling characters – particularly David Allen Brooks as self-serving Max Eilerson and Peter Woodward as the sorcerer Galen. Think in terms of a revitalized Babylon 5, without the endless chit chat. (DR)

pic © TNT

10th – 16th July Cult Times Logo
The X-Files
Three of a Kind
Sky One, Sunday 11th, 21.00

The Lone Gunmen go to Vegas to uncover some government secrets, but Byers manages to entangle them in the continuing web of intrigue that surrounds his lost love Suzanne Modeski.
Another comic classic as the Gunmen meet all their geekiest friends, and Scully is doped to the gills, leading to some of Gillian Anderson’s best facial expressions ever. Clever convoluted plotting and guest star Morris Fletcher make this a big hit. (PS)

Pic © Fox

17th - 23rd July Cult Times Logo
Two Bajorans, three parts Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
The Homecoming:
BBC2, Thursday 22nd, 18.00
Former Resistance leader Li Nalas returns to the fold, only to find himself hailed as Bajor’s saviour in the first part of this three-part story.

As Ira Steven Behr points out this issue, he was determined to go where no Trek series had gone before, and his plans began here with Star Trek’s first three-parter. Moving the Bajoran storyline forward, this episode and the two that follow it give an insight into life during the occupation and introduce a militant group named The Circle, who take great exception to ‘collaborators’ such as Quark. There’s some powerful drama here as the extent of Winn’s political ambition is revealed and some more introspective material with Li as he is made a figurehead against his will for the Bajoran people.(PS)
pic © Paramount

24th - 30th July Cult Times Logo
Boone and Lili Earth: Final Conflict
Float Like a Butterfly
Channel 5, Thursday, 20.05
Boone and Lili visit an Amish village where people are mysteriously dying, and discover an alien probe that is creating hundreds of butterflies.
An important early arc episode for E: FC, Float Like a Butterfly sows the seeds for Season Two as well as later events this season. It also builds on the Boone/Lili relationship, has some beautiful CGI butterfllies and shows just what Jonathan Doors is willing to do to gain the upper hand over the Taelons. (PS)
pic © Alliance
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