June 1999 Out of the Box
Highlights this month by David Bassom, Richard Atkinson, Paul Spragg
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William Hartnell, the original Doctor Doctor Who
100,000 BC
UK Gold: Friday, 00.25
An Unearthly Child, the opening episode of the first Doctor Who story, is one of the finest events in the series’ long and varied history. Despite re-introductions of the Doctor and the TARDIS in later stories, no-one ever improved on this. The following three episodes may seem a little ordinary by comparison but Eileen Way’s old crone routine is entertaining. And the Doctor’s callous approach to their prehistoric predicament gives a brief insight into a slightly more interesting charcter than the virtuous hero of later years. (RA)
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Highlight of the month

The X-Files returns! Earth: Final Conflict
Sky One, Sunday 6th, 20.00
Earth: Final Conflict’s hit-and-miss second season promises to leave our screens in style this month, thanks to its action-packed finale, Crossfire. As election day draws near, a deadly assassin vows to end Jonathan Doors’s Presidential campaign with a bullet. But things aren’t exactly what they seem, and there’s a clever twist in this particular tale that deals a serious blow to the Resistance.
The episode ends with an explosive cliffhanger, which leaves no less than three of the show’s leading characters looking set to follow in the unfortunate footsteps of William Boone. And if that isn’t enough to get you tuning in, then the thought of Zo’or denouncing Da’an as a traitor might just tip the balance. So what are you waiting for? Vote Earth: Final Conflict this Sunday! (DB)
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12th - 18th June Cult Times Logo
Stan's Trial
Channel 5, Friday, 22.40
Stan’s past failings finally come back to haunt him when he is finally caught in a complex sting operation and put on trial for the destruction of the 100 Reform Planets (although Stan insists there were only 97) and the deaths of billions of inhabitants.
It’s impossible to believe that Stan could have committed such a crime (in fact the rest of the LEXX crew can’t), and this episode shows once again the difference between LEXX and other shows through not going the easy route. Once again corrupt officials are the order of the day, with Stan’s main inquisitor determined to make the arch-traitor pay in the nastiest way possible.
Kai is also used well, experiencing no feelings to help or hinder the investigation or see justice done unless he is told to do so. An interesting twist on normal trial shows. (PS)
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19th - 25th June Cult Times Logo
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sky One, Friday, 20.00
As Spike and Drusilla attempt to reassemble the powerful demon known as the Judge, Angel and Buffy take their relationship to the next level, with dire consequences. Unmissable Buffy as things take a turn for the deadly serious with the first episode of this two-parter. Aside from a revelation about one of the supporting characters, this is the tale that allows David Boreanaz a chance to escape from his laidback caring persona and emerge as a new demon. Of course, in the midst of all this seriousness among the ‘funnier’ characters, the comedy goes to Spike and Dru, who can be seen at their warped and devilish best here now Dru is back on her feet. Unlike Spike. (PS)
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26th - 30th June Cult Times Logo
Buffy and Angel Hercules
Genies, Grecians and Geeks, Oh My
Sky One: Saturday, 19.00
While Hercules goes through trials and tribulations around the world, back in Greece Autolycus and Salmoneus have their own problems. You see, Salmoneus has found a lamp, and like all people in these situations, he’s rubbed it. Confronted with a genie and three wishes, the pair realize their fondest desires could be just around the corner. This is a fun change of pace from the darker stories going on, and these two are an unusual pairing. Both Trebor and Campbell are superb as ever, with Trebor enjoying himself particularly as three different versions of his usual character. (PS)
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